Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wed-cap: Food and Drinks

After the ceremony our guests went next door to the mansion for Cocktail hour which consisted of not only booze but some apps as well. There was a selection of fruits and veggies as well as a fabulous crab dip. Our caterer was nice enough to bring Kristian and I both a small plate with some of the apps to eat after having our pictures taken. We never made it over for the cocktail hour however we did receive some pictures of it from our photographer and it looked like everyone was having a nice time and the food setup looked pretty as well.

*The cocktail hour setup*

We had a buffet style meal which included- pasta with shrimp, pecan crusted chicken, beef medallions, Parmesan mashed potatoes, green beans with walnuts and a pear and walnut salad. Kristian and I were served directly with a little bit of everything on our plate so that we could start eating right away.

I will admit that I did not eat very much, not because there wasn't enough time but because my stomach had been in nervous knots all day and it was still tough to eat even after the ceremony. I did however sample a little bit of everything and it tasted wonderful. After we quickly ate we made our rounds to each table to say hi to the guests and I noticed that everyone had cleaned their plates and some even went back for seconds. We received many compliments on the food which made me happy.

The best part was that the catering staff wrapped up all the leftover food and sent it home with one of the groomsmen who brought it over for us the next day. Even warmed up a day later it was awesome and by then I had my appetite back so it was much appreciated!

*The reception food setup*

We provided all the booze for the wedding. We had beer, wine and two signature drinks- "The Kris" which was Sweet Tea Vodka and Water and "The Shannon" which was Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade. We had Corona, Miller Lite and YuenLing for the beer and Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet for the wine. I had made a drink menu sign to display at the bar listing the drink options which I think was a big help for everyone.

We were also able to bring home all the leftover alcohol and I was surprised by how much was actually leftover. Apparently we over-estimated, which is better than running out. The Sweet Tea vodka seemed to be the most popular of all the drinks and I don't think anyone went home thirsty or hungry.

*The booze chilling on ice. We did have bartenders to serve the guests. They didn't have to pull the beer out of the tubs themselves. Unfortunately there weren't any shots of the actual bar setup which was really cute with the drink menu and candles on it.*

I really didn't drink much at the wedding. I'm not a big drinker to begin with however I really didn't get a chance to drink. It seemed everytime I had a drink I had to put it down to take a picture, hug somebody or go dance. I was terrified of spilling on my dress so I didn't want to do any of those things while holding a glass in my hand. By the time I would remember about my drink it had disappeared or gotten warm. Even Kristian (who is a big drinker) didn't drink that much at the wedding. We were both running around so much, talking and dancing we just somehow forgot.

To be honest I'm glad neither of us got drunk at the wedding. The day goes by so quickly and is such a blur anyway that if we were drunk we would have an even more difficult time remembering everything. We made up for it on the honeymoon anyway.

Did/Will you get drunk at your wedding?


Bicoastal Bride said...

I hear you about not being able to eat a lot, because I felt the same way! The nervousness and adrenaline threw my stomach more than I expected. I have a post coming up later this week about that exact topic. I’m glad you got to try a little of everything, though, because your food looks delicious! I also drank very little, and neither of us would have wanted to even come close to getting drunk.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I should have known better than to open a post with FOOD right in the title. Haha. It all looked amazing! I couldn't eat before the wedding, we had lunch catered in while the girls had their hair done and my MOH forced me to eat something. It was on for dinner though! I was starving by that point!

And no drunk bride for me either. I had the champagne toast during the speeches and again at midnight and maybe a glass of wine with dinner. That's it. Like you said, I was so busy running around talking with everyone there was no time for drinking!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

PS The upside of being too busy to drink meant I didn't have to pee so no wedding dress bathroom debothcery for me!

april said...

Our reception hall had food in the room where the bridal party stayed, but it wasn't near the spread the cocktail hour had. I didn't eat much the entire day of the wedding so my stomach was a little unhappy. I ate all of my dinner though. The head server came to get me whenever a new course was brought out which I totally appreciated. I also drank a TON, but I never got drunk. My aunt gave me a fantastic drink and I kept trying to figure out what it was to no avail. Rob and I both talked about how we tried hard to get drunk and it didn't work.

Thanks for the nice words about the car! I actually remembered you had nothing but good things to say about the Corolla. It was part of the persuasion to get Rob to look at that instead of the Camry. The Camrys are nice, but the Corollas now are just as nice (and more in our price range).

bananas. said...

cocktail hour is the best part of any wedding!!! booze and finger foods...hell yea!!! that's what i'm talking about!

if i ever get married, and i say that cautiously, i hope to drink like crazy. HOWEVER i don't plan to get drunk.

hmmm...sounds like a contradiction to me. LOL!

KLaw said...

you're making me hungry!!!!

I got smashed at my wedding. hammered. And I don't regret it one bit. Smaller weddings make that possible, I guess. I wouldn't have done it that way if we had a bigger wedding.

LauraLou said...

I was totally the same way with not being able to eat, and I 'forgot' I guess to get a drink. We had all of my favorite drinks, but I honestly just wanted something to quench my thirst, and like you, every time I got a cocktail I'd end up setting it down and then wouldn't remember where I put it or it'd be warm. I'm also glad neither my hubby or I got drunk - I'm already starting to forget little details about the night!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i drank LOTS at my wedding...and later on, straight out of a wine bottle because my friends talked me into it. but i was never hungover, which was AWESOME for a crazy-early flight the next day!!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

mr Fix It and I don't drink, so that was not an issue for us at all. We also barely got to eat anything because of the hustle and bustle of guests and related responsibilities :)

Unfortunately, I am pissed off that our stupid photog did not get ANY pics of our appetizers, buffet, bars, nothing! He truly sucked when it came to getting the detail shots. UGH!

When I do my food recap, it will not include any photos :( but maybe I can scrounge some things up.

Your food looked incredible and the displays look amazing. I love the cocktail appetizer set up...so great!

amber said...

Sounds yummy! I plan on having a fruit and cheese display for my cocktail hour too. I love the strawberry roses in your photo!

Gaynor said...

Your food looks gorgeous!

I did eat as we had a sit down meal so wanted to try it all; but hubby was getting nervous for his speech so couldnt finish his!

In the morning mum was forcing me to eat too which I did but I was so nervous!

I didnt get drunk either; was just too busy and kept putting drinks down!