Sunday, February 28, 2010

Partying like it's 1999

This past weekend Kristian and I made the 4 hour trek down 95 South to ECU for my sororities 50th Anniversary. I was a 19 year old sophomore during the 40th Anniversary celebration 10 years ago but I have to say that some things never change. Even though I hadn't been back down to visit in about 5 years it felt as if I had never left.

We got into town Friday night and as soon as we dropped our bags in the room we headed to the hotel bar for a drink. In fact I never even had the chance to change my clothes or refresh. What can I say? It had been a LONG week. Eventually my friends Spanky, Grickis and Melissa (her nickname is not blog appropriate) met up with us along with their husbands. After some more drinks we headed to a Mexican restaurant for food and even more drinks then downtown to the bar where we all spent many a nights back in college. It was there that we met up with most of the other alumnae that were already in town. It was so much fun hanging out in our old bar, with all my sisters, dancing and taking inappropriate pictures. Just like the good ol days. And having Kristian with me was definitely the icing on the cake. He was able to channel his inner frat boy and consume an abundant amount of beer, margaritas and shots. The next morning was a tad rough.

Saturday we met up with my bridesmaid/sorority sister Kelli and my sorority little sister for lunch. Then headed to the bookstore to stock up on some new Pirate gear. Finally it was nap time prior to Round 2 of Shenanigans at the formal. We headed next door to the Hilton for dinner, drinks and dancing. I was able to see girls that I haven't seen in YEARS! I received many congratulations on the engagement, compliments on the ring (which always makes Kristian happy) and questions about the wedding. Oh and my killer new pink heels were a huge hit. I lost count of all the compliments I got on them, including from girls I didn't even know in the bathroom. It made all the pain my feet were in at the end of the night totally worth it. Who cares about blisters when you have cute shoes?

It was so much fun getting to see my college friends and reminisce about the old days. And I was so excited for Kristian to have the chance to meet the girls I spent some of the best years of my life with and vice versa. I feel like he knows me even better now having seen a glimpse into my past.

And now the fun!

( Starting the weekend off right)

Align Center

(Melissa, Spanky, Me and Grickis in our favorite college bar)

(We're gonna have cute kids)

(I promise I'm not as drunk as I look)

(Reunited and it feels so good)

(We clean up well....check out my hot shoes)

(Like a fine wine we only get better with age)

(How cute are we?)

(Yes that's Kristian in the background and no Jennie and Grickis weren't his only victims of picture sabotage)

(Alumnae from 1996-1999)

I can't wait to see everyone at the 60th Anniversary!


KLaw said...

It looks like you guys had an absolute blast. I truly am envious.

bananas. said...

i love ALL your pictures and yes lady you and K will have amazingly cute kids!!!

love the heels. you better believe you deserved all those compliments. you looked HOT!

april said...

Looks like fun. I had a rough weekend myself that was, as I recall, loads of fun. I'll literally be paying all week, I think.

Cute photos of the two of you.

Jenni said...

hahaha sorority squat! :) I remember every picture it was the go-to pose!

Annie said...

so many cute pictures!! looks like it was a lot of fun!
love your dress and the pink shoes! you looked so pretty! you and K are such a cute couple! he is so much taller than you little lady!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast and I LOVE the shoes in pink!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

loving your outfit! so glad you had a blast. i feel like i know so many of those girls already through you and kristen!

Philly Girl said...

Love your blog...and your shoes! Looks like you had so much fun. I love my sorority and can't wait for the time when I can go back and see all my girls!

Chocolate Lover said...

Looks like fun! LOVE your shoes!

Lacey Bean said...

Love the pink shoes with the black dress! I'm a big fan of wearing a colorful shoe with a dress to give a pop of color. (Hence my purple shoes w/ my wedding dress!)

Mrs T said...

Love those shoes!

Cupcake Wedding said...

Hell yeah to fun

Cupcake Wedding said...

Hell yeah to fun

Ela said...

I'm so behind with week :( So I'm starting from the beginning and reading my way up :)

Yes of course you two are gonna have cute kids! And of course you two are so cute together! I've yet to get together with my college girls, it's been so long and we've never kept in touch. Love that you got to have such a fun reunion!