Friday, February 12, 2010


This Sunday is not only Valentine's Day, aka the official day of love, but it is also Kristian and my one year engagiversary. One year ago the most amazing man I've ever met asked me to be his wife and I couldn't have been happier!!! In honor of our upcoming anniversary I asked Kristian to write about our meeting and subsequent proposal from his point of view. Quick little background...Kristian and I met via so our first date was the first time seeing each other in person. I hope you enjoy this little guest post from my husband to be!

I hurried to hang up the phone as I told Craig, “I think I see her! I gotta go.” And at that moment I got a funny feeling… There is the woman I am going to marry. As Shannon walked through the doors of Bonefish Grille I knew my days of being a single man were going to be over, if I was lucky!

Sure enough six months later I was down on one knee uncontrollably shaking as I shuttered out the words, “Shannon Elizabeth G….., will you marry me?” Yes, Shannon agreed to marry me, Kristian Edward P…..!!! After 31 years of countless nights praying and days upon days dreaming of an amazing wife, my dreams would come true!

It was only about two months until I decided it was time to go diamond shopping, I was so in love I could hardly see straight! Shannon and I had already fallen deeply in love and were joking about how it would be awesome if we were able to marry each other and live “happily ever after” as we walked though the mall looking at all the diamond engagement rings. I was taking notes and listening to everything Shannon liked about diamonds as I knew, “If I am going to do this I am going to do it right because I love this woman so much I gotta make sure she has the coolest ring I can possibly provide.” So for the next few weeks I studied and studied and learned all I could about diamonds and rings and knew exactly what to get.

So after about a month and a half I had acquired an awesome loose cushion cut diamond and had taken it to the local jewelry shop to have it set in a ring that I drew a picture of and had them make it. It was so funny as I joked with Shannon that I had her diamond in my safe and she was like “Yeah right.” Little did she know… Well I received the completed ring back and wore it around on my pinky finger for a couple of days non-stop because it was the coolest thing I ever owned, and was about to give it away!!!

I planned on waiting until the spring when Shannon and I were down at my parents place on the beach of the Potomac to give it to her. But it was Valentine ’s Day and like a five dollar bill burns a hole in a little boys pocket so was that diamond ring burning a hole in my safe to give to Shannon! As I prepared dinner that evening before Shannon came over, I repeatedly told myself, “ I am not going to ask her to marry me tonight, I have to wait!”

As Shannon and I had dinner it was perfect that night. To brag a little bit it was as if I had cupid himself come over and decorate the place. There were hearts, flowers, ribbons, candies and love was surely in the air. As we sat and ate an incredible filet mignon and various other love foods the music came over me. Shannon had made a music mix of love songs and they slowly whittled away at me, as I got up from the table went back to my room and brought back the ring. I got down on one knee in front of Shannon and asked her to Marry ME! She said, YES!!! But not before she said SHUT UP and Oh My God! In disbelief I might add! Too funny! I placed the ring on her finger and became the luckiest man alive.


Ela said...

Kristian, thank you for sharing! It is clear that you and Shannon are so in love. I am so excited and happy that in just 99 days you will be husband and wife, and get your happily ever after.

SG, it's not hard to see why K fell in love fast and hard for you :)

You are both so blessed to have each other and I'm so happy to share in even just a bit of it.

Happy engagiversary and VDay weekend!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

What a great story, and I love hearing it from your point of view, Kristian! Happy Engagiversary! :)

Mrs T said...

So sweet!! What a cutie.

Larysse Tavares said...

Ohh dear, that so cute! I think I'm melted here... Haha. Nice to read the boys' point of view. And yes, he sure is the LUCKIEST mand on Earth. Congrats you two! Happy Engagiversary! :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh my gosh. That is so sweet and romantic! Thank you so much for sharing!

april said...

Aw, that's sweet. Happy Engagiversary!

Caro said...

What a sweet story!

bananas. said...

shit...i think i said you would be mrs. g in a previous comment, but it's mrs. p. there i go again, messing up the details. lol.

ANYWAY, this is too cute. kristian, you little hopeless romantic, you. that story made my heaqrt smile. so glad you two found the one.

happy belated valentine's day! and happy engageversary!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Happy engagiversary and valentine's day! It was our engagiversary too! That was such a sweet post from your husband! You are a lucky girl!

Chocolate Lover said...

Love proposal stories! I think this is the first time I read one written by the guy! Nicely done Kristian! Happy Engagiversary to you two!

Salt said...

Oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing!! I love hearing proposal stories and hearing this from his point of view is just awesome. :) You have found yourself a forever keeper for sure!

Happy Engagiversary! (I love that!)