Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy Holy Holy

Due to mother nature I wasn't quite as productive with the venue hunt this weekend as I had hoped. It started to snow early Sunday morning and I decided to skip the early service to wait and see how the weather continued. I did make it to the 11am service at one of the churches I wanted to check out. It was a cute church both inside and out and definitely had the "church" look that I want. It wasn't too big or too small and could easily fit the number of people that we're tentatively planning on inviting. There was even some stain glass over the alter area which I really like. The pastor seemed very friendly and I even got to briefly meet him. This week's service was apparently different than usual because they had an all girls a Capella group visiting from William and Mary, so I didn't get to hear the pastors sermon. The lady in front of me heard me say it was my first time there and told me I should definitely come back to see a typical Sunday sermon.

I would definitely like to bring Kristian with me sometime to see what he thinks. There are still at least two more churches I would like to attend and see what they look like and what sort of feel they have. I'm hoping that we will not only find a church to have the ceremony in but one we can attend on a regular basis as well.

I also ended up skipping the open house at the one reception site I'm interested in. Because of the weather my mother didn't want to drive down from MD and risk getting stuck down here and I decided that since I will need to go again with Kristian it was silly for me to go out in the bad weather to see the place. As of now this place and another very similar one are the two front runners for Kristian and I. We just need to see them in person, talk to the people and compare prices. I'm hoping that we'll get to see them in the next week or two after he returns on Saturday. Since we both work during the day and can't really take a lot of time off we're limited to evenings and weekends. Hopefully we won't need to visit too many places before making a firm decision.

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