Monday, March 9, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

After two loooong weeks Kristian finally returned from his training session in California. His flight got in Saturday night at 7:30pm and I was jumping out of my skin with excitement. Before he left I was convinced the time would go by quickly but I was wrong. I don't think those two weeks could have gone by any slower and I know the feeling was mutual. It was definitely harder for Kristian since not only was he missing me but also his family, friends, cat and apartment. Fortunately despite the three hour time difference we actually were able to keep in touch quite a bit. We talked on the phone everyday, sometimes multiple times a day and would send text messages or IM's when possible. Hopefully this will be the longest we'll have to be separated for in the future.

Now that Kristian is back in town we can move forward with some wedding plans. I showed him my ever expanding notebook of wedding ideas and fortunately he liked most of them. However there was one cake I had printed out that he said looked "militant". I couldn't help but laugh, how can a cake look militant?? The great thing about looking thru the notebook was that it helped me get a feel for what he likes and what he doesn't. In the past I've asked him "what colors would you want to use?", "what kind of cake do you want?"etc and usually the response is either "I don't know" or "whatever you want is fine". Well while we looked at what I had printed out he finally started voicing some opinions on what he likes/dislikes. Now I know not to get a militant looking cake! He also said he doesn't want a completely black and white wedding and would like some blue incorporated. I think as we start visiting vendors and making set plans he'll become more vocal in his opinions which is good. I don't want this wedding to be only about me and what I want....just most of it :)

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