Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reception Site #1

Last night Kristian and I visited our first potential reception site, The Tower Club in Vienna, VA. We both really liked this location. Kristian has actually been there in the past with his old boss who is a member. The layout is great, there is an atrium with large windows (see picture attached) where the cocktail hour takes place. Then you move into the dining room which has large windows and views all the way into DC. After dinner you move back out into the Atrium for drinks and dancing. There is also a large balcony that wraps around the building that we would have access too from the Atrium. This would be good for anyone that needed a smoke break or anyone who wants to enjoy the view some more.
The pricing for this site is pretty reasonable for the DC area. We could even get a discount on the site fee if we have his old boss sponsor us. The per/person fee includes the seated dinner, open bar for 4 hours and a cake. They also provide the table/chairs/linens and dancefloor. The site is very flexible and since they only book one wedding per day we could come setup at any point the day of. Also, the event coordinator seems to be very nice and knowledgeable.
The location is great, it's right off the Beltway and very easy to find. They have plenty of parking and it's right across the street from a Marriott so our guests could walk back to the hotel afterwards. If we did end up at this site we might even consider having the ceremony there as well. The price to include a ceremony is actually cheaper than most of the churches I've contacted. The ceremony would also be in the Atrium with the "alter" in front of a huge window. I've seen pictures of the setup online and it's actually really nice. Plus we could save money by not needing a limo/transportation from the church to the reception and it would be more convenient for our guests.
We are visiting another site on Saturday so it will be interesting to see how the two compare. Hopefully we won't need to visit too many places before making a final decision.

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