Friday, March 27, 2009

Jailhouse Rock

Everyday on my way to and from Kristian's condo I pass by what use to be the Lorton prison. All the main buildings are still there including the watchtowers. They've recently turned this area into an Arts Center and he and I have been meaning to check it out sometime. It appears that each of the buildings have various galleries and we always see people walking around when we drive by.

Yesterday I got online to see what the art center is all about i.e. the hours of operation, ticket costs etc. As I was browsing around I noticed a section that mentioned the possibility of hosting events there...including weddings! Immediately I sent Kristian a text and told him that we have to have our wedding at the old Lorton prison, talk about unique and unforgettable! Plus my main colors of black and white would fit in perfectly with a modern, chic prison themed wedding. We could dress the bridesmaids in jumpsuit orange colored dresses and have the minister wear a sheriff uniform. Plus we could give out handcuffs as favors! The possibilities are endless.

Alas I don't think either of our families would be too keen on this idea and my poor grandmother would probably rollover in her grave. But for anyone out there that is looking for a unique wedding venue I would suggest checking out the Workhouse Art Center.

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