Monday, March 23, 2009

Reception Site #3

Saturday Kristian and I went to visit our third and what I was hoping would be the last reception site. We went to check out the Old Town Hall in downtown Fairfax. It's a very charming large white building with pillars. There are two large open rooms inside. The downstairs room is where the receptions are typically held and we got there as they were setting up for one that evening. There's a lot of wood and small chandeliers. Upstairs is another large, open room which they use to display artwork and also contains lots of books which people can check out. Both the artwork and the books have to remain. This room is typically used for anyone that wants to have the ceremony there or for a Cocktail hour. Out back there is a cute little garden which in May would be full of flowers and a small patio area. This could be used for pictures or for an outdoor cocktail hour if the weather is nice.

Overall the space is quite nice and I think we could have a nice reception there however neither Kristian nor I were blown away by it. We didn't have that same excitement that we did after visiting The Tower Club. One of the biggest draws to OTH is that we can bring in our own caterer which has the potential of saving thousands depending on who we would go with. I like the idea of being able to choose a caterer and all the various options that would provide and being able to pick and choose our menu. The downsides are that there aren't any hotels within walking distance, it's all public parking and therefore not guaranteed and the space doesn't have the great view we are going for. A lot of the ideas I have for decor also probably wouldn't work as well in this setting.

We definitely haven't ruled out this location and it's still a possibility especially due to the affordability but I think we both want to look at the numbers and see if there is any way we can afford the Tower Club. I also might continue my research of venues and see what else we can come up with.

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