Friday, March 20, 2009

Living in Sin

Kristian and I currently don't live together. We won't be able to "officially" live together until July after my current lease is up and I can then move in to his condo. However we typically spend 4-5 nights together every week, usually at his place. After a few months of dating I started keeping some of the essentials at his place i.e toothbrush, hairbrush, some makeup etc. And I've even left a few articles of clothing there such as pajama pants and t-shirts so that I have something comfortable to change into. This however has not prevented me from constantly wearing his sweatshirts and taking them with me when I go back to my place.
We are both incredibly excited for when I will officially be living there and staying there every night. Technically I could stay there every night right now (which is what he would prefer) but I feel like so long as I'm paying rent I want to try to at least get some of my money's worth out of my apartment. Besides once I move in we will be living together for the rest of our lives so it's nice to enjoy these last few months of having our own places.
Another big issue is my cat, I usually will take him with me when I go over there and will even leave him there during the day if I know I'm coming back that night but right now I don't want him to be there everyday. My cat and his cat are still trying to get use to each other and I know that his cat doesn't really like having him there, so best not to torture him too much until absolutely necessary.
Despite the fact that I can't move in until this summer I've decided to start slowly moving my stuff into his place beginning this weekend. This way it won't be such an overwhelming task this summer and I won't have to always pack a bag when I know I'll be spending the whole weekend there. Primairly I want to start moving in some clothes and shoes and jackets I know I won't need for the next few months. In preparation for the merging of our closets Kristian was nice enough to clean out one whole side of his walk in closet for me! I'm still not sure this will be enough room, since I have a bad habit of buying shoes, but if we buy some closet organizers we can probably make it work. Plus we still have the large closet in the guest room to use. I'm so excited to start moving my stuff in and making his place feel more like my place.

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