Friday, November 1, 2013

No Tricks but lots of treats

Last night was Hunters first real experience with trick or treating. Last year doesn't count because we just carried him to a few of our neighbors houses to show off his costume. He didn't really know what Halloween or trick or treating was about so I figured the whole thing could be pretty hit or miss.

First let's start with his costume.

Here's my Hunter dressed as a hunter!!
As I mentioned everything for his costume could be worn/used again. In fact he had the t-shirt, hoodie and pants already. I just had to buy him the hat and the bow which I found in the toy section at Walmart.
Of course he didn't want to carry the bow with him or even wear it on his shoulder so that part was a bust but at least he wore his orange hat all night and with my child that is a win. Also, his daddy painted his face so he would really be camouflaged.
Things started off rough, Hunter had a total meltdown before we even got outside and then he didn't want to carry his bucket or go up to any houses. Again, this is because he doesn't know how to trick or treat. The good thing was that we met up with our neighbors so he was able to go with his two buddies, the older boy Zachary knows how to trick or treat and after watching him carry his bucket and go up to houses Hunter figured it out and became a pro.

It was really warm last night, one of the warmest Halloweens I remember. Oh and it started sprinkling while we were out but it didn't ruin our good time.

Following his girlfriend Jordynn the Strawberry.

After watching his buddy Zachary he knew just what to do.

He would actually say "trick or treat" 50% of the time. Several times he just went up to the person and said "More, please" which made everyone laugh. He would also try to bite into the candy as soon as he got it, wrapper and all.

The hunter and the strawberry.
Kristian stayed at the house to hand out candy but he was thrilled to see the stash that we brought home. Hunters bucket was so heavy by the end he was dragging it behind him (he wouldn't let mommy hold it). We only went to two streets but I guess when you're a cute toddler you get more!

We'll be eating this all weekend.
Oh and I can't forget to show off my husbands mad pumpkin carving skills.

I was very proud of how Hunter did once he got the hang of it. He had a blast and I think next year will be even more fun.


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

haha! the initial trick or treating event is a big deal for them but it does get better every year!

Vodka and Soda

Heather said...

Glad Hunter had a great time trick-or-treating! Your husband's pumpkin looks awesome.

Lacey Bean said...

Yay Hunter! It was Sadie's 1st real year Trick-or-Treating too - she didn't say trick-or-treat, but was great at taking the candy and putting it in her bucket haha. And it must be the same cuteness Hunter has, everyone insisted she take 2 or more pieces!

Stephanie said...

What a cute little hunter he is. Chloe didn't really understand the concept either, but she did enjoy going up to each house and getting candy. She seemed the most curious about why there were so many people walking up and down the street, ha!

princess apr said...

Well done! It definitely gets easier.

Last night, Laura mostly wanted to keep up with her cousin. Some of the houses were too scary for her, but she braved them. She probably would have had more candy if she didn't return anything with nuts. Kid has no foresight to bring it to me anyway. *sigh* Rob ended up holding her candy bag because it was too heavy.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh. My. Gosh. He looks SOOOOO cute!

Shannon said...

I think Hunter's costume is on the top 5 of cute creative costumes I've seen all year. :)

Stephanie said...

What a sweet little hunter you had! I love the costume. I am all about doing more with less! And you did a fabulous job. He is getting soooo big!

Fiona said...

What an adorable little hunter!!! :) Love his costume. Great that he got the hang of it quickly and had fun!