Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

1. I couldn't be happier that it's Friday. This week has been crazy at work and I am just DONE. I'm mentally exhausted and just tired. The fact that I get to leave early this afternoon to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled is actually something I'm looking forward to. You know work is bad when you would rather go get a cavity filled.
2. I definitely jinxed myself the other day, about 10 minutes after emailing a client to tell him that everything was going smoothly on a project (a project where things tend to turn into a nightmare) he writes back to tell me we have a big issue. Yep definitely jinxed us.
3. I've cut back quite a bit on eating fast food in the hopes that eating healthier will help my stomach issues but last night Kristian was off hunting and I didn't want to cook so on the way home from picking up Hunter at daycare I got Wendy's...and proceeded to feel sick the rest of the night. Lesson learned. I can't eat that shit anymore.
4. I spent all week trying to figure out how to change the time on the clock in my new car for DST. I finally had my co-worker come help me and he literally pushed one button and it was done.
5. I get to work from home the next two Monday's and I'm thrilled. Even though I'm still having to do work on my laptop it feels like a 3 day vacation because I don't have my hour long commute and I can get some stuff done around the house in between checking emails. Oh and I can wear my pj's all day long.


Fiona said...

Yay Friday! I am so glad it is here too... although your work sounds much more stressful than mine this week if getting a cavity is a better option. eek! Hope you have a lovely weekend to make up for it! And working from home is great. Unfortunately I don't get to wear pjs since I deal with people all day but still nice to get things done around the house during breaks.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Working from home is truly the BEST. Enjoy the next two Mondays!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

That's bad if you're looking forward to the dentist! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and a nice pj Monday.

Jamie said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Shannon said...

Boo to hour long commutes. Enjoy your working from home!

Also, I'm shocked you eat fast food at all - you seem so thin and fit in your photos, I assumed you were a vegetable muncher only!!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

ick, fast food and your tummy don't mix. i cannot eat that garbage anymore, it just makes me so ill :(

Vodka and Soda

Venassa said...

I'm getting to the point where most fast food makes me feel sick for quite awhile after too. I guess it's something that comes with age. I try to think of it as a good thing - if it didn't make me feel bad, I'd want to eat it more often.
Congrats on getting to work from home for those couple of days. I wish I had a job that had that option. There are not nearly enough pj days in my life.

princess apr said...

Well, I think it's a nice way for your stomach to stop you from eating bad food during the same time your metabolism stops wanting to work. That's what happened to me. Stupid 35. That said, I walk the majority of my commute now which has helped me lose a nice amount of weight - too bad I'm supposed to be gaining it right now. Can't win.

As for work, at least the Fall is almost over!