Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If this doesn't wear him out nothing will

Over the weekend we had a lot of visitors, since it was the first really cold weekend we've had since last winter it was nice to be able to stay home but not go completely stir crazy thanks to having some friends stop by.

On Friday night our friend Bryan came over with his two kids who are 10 and 8. Hunter loves his kids, he's always fascinated by "big kids" and they play really well with Hunter. At one point Hunter was literally running back and forth down the foyer just squealing at the top of his lungs. I stupidly thought to myself "well he'll sleep great tonight". Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I'm not sure if he was over stimulated or just had a stomach ache from all the candy he kept begging for but he was up every 10 minutes from 10pm to midnight then up for good bright and early at 6:15am. On Saturday morning.

Then Saturday night we had our neighbors over for dinner and Hunter had a good two hours of playing with his little girlfriend Jordynn. I love watching them play together, they share and laugh and play so nicely with each other, it's adorable. He definitely likes her the most. Once again I thought "well she wore him out so maybe he'll sleep late tomorrow". Nope. Up bright and early at 6:30am. On Sunday morning.

Finally on Sunday night, Bryan and his kids came over again along with my husbands other best friend who is in town this week from Texas. He came over with his 5 year old son so all 4 kids could play together for about 4 hours. Hunter had a blast. He's such a social little boy and I think he really enjoys having other children over to play with him. But again he was up and ready to go Monday morning at 6:15am.

I know I shouldn't complain because (with the exception of Friday night) he does sleep through the night without any issues. I think he just has an internal clock that goes off right around 6am. Not a big deal on a weekday but on a weekend it kinda blows. If he can sleep til 7am on a weekend I'm thrilled but it doesn't happen often. I just wish I had his energy. I get worn out just watching him run around and play and if that were me I would easily sleep until noon the next day. Not sure what kind of energy toddlers run off of but someone needs to find a way to bottle that shit and sell it. I'm sure it could put Starbucks out of business. Oh well, I've already planned to pay him back when he's a teenager but jumping on his bed every Saturday morning at 6am. That will be fun.


Stephanie said...

I think the same thing all the time. There are days when Connor naps from 11-2 and we are super busy in the evening with dinner, errands and play time and I think by 9 he has to be tired, hes been up for 7 hours but no, he is a wild man ready to party all night.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

kids have a VERY STRONG internal clock so if hunter is usually awake by 6am, no matter what time he goes to bed, he'll be up at 6am.

also, you can actually entice kids to wake up EARLIER. this is why we are strict with kayla's sleep rules - she is not allowed to come out of her room until 7am. in doing so, she may wake up earlier than 7 but she has to stay in her room and most of the time, when kids know that they won't be doing anything fun when they wake up hella early, they will sleep through. but when they know they get to cuddle with mom/dad, watch tv, play with other kids etc, EARLY WAKE TIME.

Vodka and Soda

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

This is Mia and it drives me bonkers...especially on the weekends. And why does she have to be so loud too? Hubs and I were just having a conversation this morning about making her stay in her room until at least 7, especially on the weekends when I'd prefer to not see the 6:00 hour. Marlow consistently asleep until 7-7:30. I can handle that.

Kathryn said...

OMG my kids haven't been napping much lately! I always have them on the go in the morning thinking they will be tired, but nope! An hour and they are up.....oh and last night Emma did the same thing- wide awake until after midnight. Gotta love those nights :( Like the jumping on their bed when they are teenagers though, haha, pay back!


Stephanie said...

I wish I had their energy too! Chloe gets all hyped up right before bed, when JJ and I are completely exhausted and we often think "where does she get all of her energy from??" Probably partly due to sleeping 12 hours a night plus usually another 1-2 hour nap. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! Kids work backwards sometimes. It's like the more energy they use the more they have. B only sleeps well when we bore him to tears and he has nothing better to do.

Ashley Brown said...

I know what you mean too. My son is 5 now and I do just what you plan on doing. When I get him up at 6:45 for school and he gives me the whole "but I'm soooo tiredddd" I saw welllll sweetie, when you were a baby Mommy was tired but I had to get up anyway. So get your bootie up!" :) Sweet revenge

princess apr said...

My nephew was always like that. Now that he's older, he's not allowed to wake my sister up until a certain time. It's hard when they're little though. Ours internal clock wakes her up between 7-8AM but will sleep longer on a rare occasion. She goes to bed later, always has, but she can also shift up to 1 hour in either direction if needed. Ours also gets overstimulated so we're careful to go through the bedtime routine to wind her down before bed on busy days.