Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well THAT happened fast

So yesterday I posted about our car shopping adventures from over the weekend. I mentioned that we had figured out what we wanted we just needed to find one that we could afford. Well for those of you that follow me on Instagram you know we did in fact find one yesterday and I now have a new car!!! Holy Shit!

Kristian ended up finding it online at a dealership about 5 minutes from my office. So he stopped by yesterday afternoon once he was done with work to check it out. After test driving it he called me and told me I had to come look at it, that it was perfect. So my very kind boss let me leave a little early so I could go check it out and it was in fact perfect.

I had already established financing through USAA which offered me the best rate compared to the dealerships and since I have excellent credit the rate I was offered actually made the car affordable. I had a max amount I wanted to spend per month on payments and we are just $1 below that amount! The whole process took about 2 hours and I got to drive home in a new (to me) car. I ended up leaving my car there which we'll pick up at some point today. We've decided to sell it ourselves on Craig's List because we know we can get more for it than if we had traded it in.

Sitting in the office waiting for the paperwork.
And here she is!
I feel like a Rap Star when I drive this.
A 2012 GMC Terrain. It only has 19K miles on it and it's fully loaded! Some of the fun features include:
Leather seats
Seat warmers
Remote start
(which will be AWESOME in the winter, so I don't have to get into a cold car)
Navigation System
Blue Tooth
Setup already for XM and Onstar if we want it.
Oh and the car beeps at me if I get too close to another car.

This car looks good on me.

I love all the buttons, though we're still figuring out what everything does.

Hunter's first ride in the new car. He seemed very confused at first but he's already started pointing to it saying "mama" which he did with my old car.
I know a lot of these features are pretty common in most cars nowadays but considering that when I bought my Corolla 8 years ago I was excited because it had a built in CD player this car is like driving a spaceship. I don't think Kristian or I really thought we could afford an SUV with all of these upgrades and I would have been fine without them but they sure are nice to have. I will just have to remind myself of them when I'm paying our new car payment each month and when I go to fill up at the gas station.


Amanda said...

Awesome! I love selling things on Craigslist, it's how we bought and sold our last two cars/a motorcycle and it has worked out great! You always get more selling private party :)

K said...

Congrats on the new car! She's gorgeous! The gas isn't too bad. I have Tahoe, and while I don't drive much other than work, it doesn't kill me to fill it up. You get used to it. And it is totally worth it in the winter!

Kathryn said...

Love the new car! We test drove one of these when we were car searching last year- we loved it but needed something bigger with the twins so went with a Yukon! This was so nice too though!!

Stephanie said...

Lookin good in the drivers seat! I dont know what it is about getting a new car, but i get so excited about it for a long time. Enjoy enjoy!!

ffprncez said...

Congratulations! I love having an SUV! Enjoy!

Fiona said...

Wow!! LOVE your new car! So snazzy! :) And you look smokin' sitting their in the front seat. Oh and Hunter looks darn cute in the back too ;)