Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

I decided this week to join another link up that I've seen going around.

1. In exactly two weeks I will be here:

Cayman Islands!
I'm not looking forward to the actual traveling part, I hate flying, but I am looking forward to some nice relaxing time alone with my husband and being able to sleep in and not having to chase a toddler all over the place.
2. We are going to do some preliminary car shopping this weekend, to try to narrow down what we do and don't want. We are looking for a small-mid size SUV since my husband sold his 4-Runner. We need something bigger for weekend and family trips, something that works well in the snow and that my husband can use when he goes camping and hunting. Ideally we would get a hybrid to help with gas but that may be out of our price range. If anyone has any suggestions throw them my way. Right now we are interested in Honda Pilots and Toyota Highlanders.
3. As I mentioned on Wednesday I was obsessed with all things Royal baby. Well I must say I'm not a fan of his name. No offense to the other George's of the world but I just don't really like that name. It's such a stuffy, old man type name. I think Alexander would have worked better as the first name.
4. So many people are already talking excitedly about fall but here's the thing I kind of hate fall because it means I become a hunting widow. Kristian and I have already had many MANY discussions on how much he's going to be allowed to go hunting on the weekends. I'm not a fan of him being gone ALL day EVERY Saturday for 3 months. The weekend is our family time and I miss him when he's gone all day, not to mention it's exhausting doing the single parent thing every Saturday. I don't know how SAHM do it.
5. I've been actually considering getting a tattoo lately (I have none). I know what I want and where but there's the whole pain aspect of it. I went through a period a few years back when I really wanted one (a different one in a different spot) but I chickened out. Kristian wants another one so maybe if he goes I will too.


Life in the Heights! said...

I'm not the biggest fan of the name George either, lol! I hope y'all have a great time in the Cayman Islands!

Amanda said...

The other car you might want to look at is the new Ford Escape or the Explorer, both come with a hybrid option. My aunt and uncle just got the Explorer and it's really nice. my husband is a Chevy man and loves the Equinox, which is also really nice. My personal favorite is the Subaru Forrester.

I have one very small tattoo and it hurt but tickled more than anything like a very rough tickling from someone with long nails, if that makes any sense lol

Hope your vacation is wonderful!!!!

Heather said...

We just bought a Honda CRV to be our second car for the coming years, hopefully including once we have kids, and so far, we love it. I know people with kids who really like them, too, and I've heard good things about the Honda Pilot and Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm not a fan of the name George, either. I was definitely hoping for a Prince Alex.

Shannon said...

My mom used to be a hunting widow. My husband doesn't hunt, so I don't deal with that.

Have you looked at the Chevy Equinox. We almost went that route before going with the bigger Traverse just b/c of the whole two kids thing. It seemed like a great family car that gets good mileage too!

Anonymous said...

we have a subaru outback and it's awesome. i esp love it being 4WD and our winters here can be brutal.

tats are addictive; you get one, you'll want more!

Stephanie said...

Jealous of your trip coming up!! Have a wonderful time! Let us know what car you end up with - we have been just barely searching for an SUV with a third row. Not sure when we'll pull the trigger on that one. A tattoo! I don't have one either and due to my fear of needles, probably will never get one. What are you thinking of getting?

Brittney said...

We have a hybrid ford escape. We love it. :)

Ps jealous = Cayman islands!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

No real car advice because I have a 4Runner and love it! Can't beat Toyotas for reliability! I have to agree on every front with the royal baby. I was unashamedly obsessed waiting for the birth and then womp womp womp came the name.

Fiona said...

Ahh your trip is so soon!!! You are going to have a blast!! :)

Good luck with the car hunt.

And speaking of hunting, yeah, that would make me not love fall too :( Hopefully he only goes out once in a while this year.

princess apr said...

Oh, I've totally wanted a tattoo lately. I'm not afraid of the pain, there is just nothing I want on my body forever. So, I think I'm good, but it's tempting.