Monday, July 15, 2013

18 Month Stats

Since I never get around to updating Hunters baby book in a timely manner I wanted to make sure I recorded his 18 month stats somewhere before I forgot them.

He had his 18 month checkup last Thursday (about 2 weeks late). Once again he was fine until we got back to the exam room and he freaked out. He cried whenever a nurse or the doctor was in the room. The only time he wasn't crying was when it was just me and Kristian with him and we had to keep feeding him puffs to calm him down.

After his exam but before the shots, he just finished eating some puffs which is the only reason he was smiling.
Once again he got a totally clean bill of health. The doctor said he is developing right on track and looks nice and healthy. He also confirmed that Hunter now has all his teeth except for his 2 year molars. He got one shot and other than his annual flu shot he won't need anymore until he's 5.
Weight 28.62 pounds - (84th percentile)
Height- 33 inches (76th percentile)
Head- 52.5cms (97th percentile)
In three months he's gained a pound and grown 2 inches. I was surprised he didn't weigh more but he's so active now and not eating as much as he used too so I shouldn't be surprised he hasn't gained much weight. He's still a big boy though. I'm glad he grew 2 inches, since he hadn't grown much between 12 and 15 months.


Stephanie said...

I love all that blonde hair!

Shannon said...

Love the deceptively happy picture of him.

Taylor cried during her entire 18 month visit too. Oy!

princess apr said...

I kept up the baby book for at least 3 years. I still put in ticket stubs and pictures. Our doctor has a little hard copy updated statistic sheet that we always brought with us. That is in the baby book, but I never transcribed it all.

Laura only cried while the shots were administered. She settled quickly. It was difficult around Hunter's age just to sit still though. Once she started talking, she loved our doctor and the pediatrician is so good with her.

Time is really flying. I can't believe he's 18 months already! Then again, I'm still reeling from my nephews' 8 and 3 year birthdays this year.

Anonymous said...

i'm awful at updating the book too. i have a ton of pictures of her online but haven't even printed any out!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

What a big healthy boy! I think that's the age where they start to figure out what happens at the doctor's. Hopefully he'll like it more once there are fewer shots! B has been sick almost constantly since the winter. One upside is he has learned to enjoy the doctor since he goes so often when there are no shots!