Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today is a very Happy Wednesday because it's the last day before a MUCH needed 4 day weekend!
I'm linking up again with Shannon for So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I didn't do SWW last week. I felt like posting about something else.
-I miss Google Reader. I've been using Bloglovin and I'm not really a fan, but not much I can do at this point.
-I don't have a special 4th of July outfit for Hunter. He will be wearing red, white and blue though.
-I think it's so cute that a little girl in Hunters class runs over to hug him every morning when I drop him off. I think she likes him :) He, however, just stands there like a deer in headlights.
-I think he prefers older women. Last night he couldn't get enough of our friends 8 year old daughter that was over at the house. He kept hugging on her and chasing her around and giving her love eyes.
-I'm terrified of potty training, especially after my first episode of my son pooping on the floor the other night. It was all my fault for thinking he was "finished" and not putting a new diaper on him while I got his bath ready. Lesson learned!
-I'm still SO excited about my brother being engaged. We've all waited a long time for him to find the right person plus I love weddings.
-I've spent the last week unsubscribing to all the junk emails I get. I didn't really realize how many I was getting until I started to unsubscribe. It's so nice not to wake up to 25 pointless emails every morning.
- I've stopped entering the giveaways that have 10+ bloggers attached to them. I don't have 30 minutes to add a bunch of new people to my reader, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. I actually find it quite irritating and frankly they are essentially buying their followers which I don't really agree with. I want someone to follow me because they like what I write, not because I'm part of a big giveaway. *rant over*
-I also get really annoyed when multiple blogs that I follow all post the same review/giveaway the same day from Blogher. Thank God for the "mark as read" button.
Happy 4th of July weekend!


Amanda said...

Totally agree about the contests and I haven't done SWW in weeks because I've been posting my bumpdates. I need to move those to another day!

Jamie said...

I dont ever enter the follow 10 people 10 different ways ones either. It just takes too long.

Nessa said...

Those giveaways can be so annoying, however I did win a $100 amazon gift card once, which was amazing. Confession.. I rarely read the blogs I follow through giveaways. I usually follow with Google Friend Connect and I don't read my subscriptions that way either. Which reminds me, I also miss Google Reader.
Hope you have a good long weekend! Our long weekend just finished :p

Kristen said...

I totally agree with the last two! I rarely enter any giveaways and pretty much skip anything that looks like a sponsored review!

Enjoy your holiday!

Stephanie said...

I guess I don't get way people blog if they are all about the giveaways, especially when they have a 10 step process to enter the giveaway. It's a bit annoying. I have a giveaway coming up and it's easy peasy!

And the idea of potty training Connor scares the shit out of me. I don't know how to use a wiener when it comes to peeing. I guess he will be one of the boys that sits to pee.

princess apr said...

I love Bloglovin on the iPad though. Happy 4th!

Fiona said...

I feel the same about the giveaways. Always a catch I suppose. I did win 3 cloth diapers once so that was great but still, I barely ever enter any now.

Aww how sweet about the little girl that has a little crush on Hunter :)