Monday, June 3, 2013

Water, Family and Fun

This weekend was HOT. I'm talking 90 degrees and steamy hot and after a very cool Memorial Day weekend I couldn't wait to finally have some good weather to take Hunter to the pool.
On Friday night, we thought about taking him to our local spray park (where the water shoots up from the ground for the kids to run through) but since neither Kristian nor myself wanted to get soaked we decided to let Hunter play outside with the neighbors, using the hose to fill up tupperware containers of water to play with.

On Saturday we took him to the pool. This was his first time going since last summer when he was around 6-8 months old. Obviously he doesn't remember that so this was basically a brand new experience for him. At first he was scared and kept crying and clinging to Kristian. We tried the baby pool first with no luck and then he took him into the big pool where Hunter held on for dear life. After a little while we took him back to the baby pool and gave him another childs discarded pool toy, once he started to play with that he became more brave and enjoyed himself much more. So the thing we learned is to bring some pool toys for him.

He took an almost 3 hour nap after the pool so I guess it wore him out!
While Kristian went out to pick up dinner Hunter and I decided to make a video to send the grandmas of him talking (wait until the end).
On Sunday we got up and Hunter and I went grocery shopping while Kristian went fishing. I love shopping with my little buddy. And yes he's still wearing his pajamas. Because isn't that the best way to shop on a Sunday morning?

Then while Hunter napped (and Kristian stayed home) I went to the pool ALONE to relax. It was glorious. I love taking Hunter and playing with him but it's also such a nice break to just get to lay out and relax a little bit on my own.

 Sunday after we headed over to my Sister-in-laws house to celebrate our nieces 17th birthday with a family cookout. Hunter had a great time running around his Aunt's house and chasing after one of the SEVEN dogs that were there (ours, my in-laws and my SIL's). We also let him play on their large trampoline in the backyard and he basically had the best time of his life ever. He also ate from the moment he arrived until we left and slept great last night.

Hunter and Grandma

Check out this video, does it get much cuter??

Hunter and Grandpa. Most people seem to think Hunter looks the most like him.
This weekend was full of just what I enjoy most in the summer- family, pool and fun time.


Kathy said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! and in my opinion, taking time out for yourself is a must once in a while! i do it on the regular as does my husband. it's all about balance :)

Brittany said...

I love those videos of him! too cute

Shannon said...

What a great weekend. I'm so excited to get Tay back into a pool soon too!

Laura said...

wow what a packed fun summer weekend! those videos made me smile, he is so cute! This makes me want to either buy a trampoline or befriend someone who has one so my future children can have as much fun as it looks like he is having!

Nat said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! The heat was killer- I was dying!! Hunter talking is so cute!!

Fiona said...

This sounds like such a great weekend!!! I am glad you were able to get out of the heat and into some water for a lot of it. And even a pool trip ALONE.. how nice and relaxing :) Oh my gosh, that video. He is adorable!!!!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

The pool on your own sounds amazing! Holden loves water and going swimming with us although we do not have the weather to go to an outdoor pool, we are going to Florida in November so hoping for some outdoor pool time then.