Monday, June 24, 2013

Date Nights- Good for the marriage soul

Date Nights are so important for married couples, especially once kids enter the picture. It's a chance to get away and be a couple again and not just mom and dad. Kristian and I don't get many date night opportunities so when the chance presents itself we jump on it and don't look back.

My mom was able to come down and visit this weekend. It had been a few weeks and I knew she needed a Hunter fix and I needed a mom fix. Watching my mother and my son together just makes my heart happy. He sure does love his grandma and I know the feeling is mutual. So on Saturday, after I returned from a much needed haircut we all hung out until Kristian and I left for dinner.

My mom introduced Hunter to his first Freezer Pop.

He sucked on it and replied "Old", which is how he says cold.

He then wanted to check out the pretty flowers that his daddy has planted.

Kristian and I left a little earlier than normal because we wanted to stop at a few places before dinner and do some shopping for clothes to take on our Cayman Islands trip. My husband very rarely gets new clothes and most of his shorts are stained or have holes in them so we needed a few things that would make him look a bit more presentable. We also each wanted to buy something new to wear to the actual wedding, which is the reason we are going. I found a cute pink dress at Marshalls and he bought some white linen pants and a blue polo shirt. It was fun to just walk around and shop and pick stuff out for each other. Most men would probably find that torturous but pretty much anything we get to do together without the toddler is a fun.

Afterwards we went to a new restaurant that we wanted to try called Firebirds. It was delicious and we had the best time together, just talking, laughing, flirting and leisurely eating without having to jump up every 2 seconds to get something for the toddler or try to keep him entertained or rush through it because we still need to do bathtime. We got to have real conservations, ones that surprisingly didn't just focus on said toddler.

*A Desert Pear martini- very good and gave me a nice little buzz*

*Their wall of wine- I kinda want to do this in my house*
And then we got to return home to a sleeping child and a clean house (aren't mothers wonderful) and hang out in the basement together watching a movie on t.v. while my mom hung out upstairs (very much like high school!).
Nights like these are great reminders of why we got married, because we truly enjoy each other's company and spending time together. And that we aren't just mommy and daddy we are husband and wife. 


Jamie said...

It sounds like a perfect night.

Stephanie said...

Sound heavenly! I just found a drop in day care that is open until midnight on Friday and Saturdays. A few ladies use it that are in my Mom group. I am thinking of checking it out. J and I could use a night to ourselves. I am just worried about leaving Connor somewhere.

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

So glad you guys got to get out and talk about other things! Sometimes it seems like so much work to make date nights happen but it is always worth it. Also, Grandmas are the best :) Your mom sounds awesome.

Amanda said...

Sounds amazing!!!!

Brittany said...

Date nights are always fun.

Shannon said...

Glad you had a wonderful date night. Oh, how I long for a martini buzz!!

Anonymous said...

date nights are SO important! what many tend to do is put their marriage last and take advantage of the fact that they're married which translates to they'll always love me. WRONG!

you need to continue to nurture your marriage and work at it to deepen the love and strengthen the bond. just because you love someone doesn't mean the relationship is bullet-proof; you need to work on the bond that brought you together because the daily grind of life, the demands from kids and work will only weaken those bonds.

how do you think those people who have been married for 15+ years suddenly get divorced once the kids are grown and are self-sufficient? it's because they suddenly open their eyes and see the marriage for what it really is: just a person you've been living with but have no connection to.

sorry this is so long-winded!

Fiona said...

So glad you got out for this night together!! Anthony and I have only had one date night out alone since Lids was born (a couple more times for events or with friends) and desperately need to do it again soon!! So important!