Thursday, May 30, 2013

17 Months- 5/30/13

Weight/Length- No well check this month, I'm guessing around 29 pounds and 31-32 inches tall.
Eating- You still love any and all fruit, that's always the first thing you eat off of your plate. You are still not really loving veggies but you seem to like veggie burgers and veggie meatballs so I'm trying to sneak them in here and there. You will also drink the smoothie pouches that have veggies. Getting pickier and not eating as much as before. You love snacks and you know where the snack drawer is and will go stand by it and cry until we give you something.
Sleep- Pretty good. Still sleeping from around 7:45pm until 6:30-7am. We did have two bad nights, one where you fought going to bed for a good hour. You never have trouble going to sleep but that one night you kept crying and I would come check on you every five minutes and you would calm down only to cry again after I left. Not sure what that was about. Then another night you woke up screaming and couldn't be consoled for about 10 minutes. At first I thought it was teething related but now I think it may have been a night terror. Other than that you usually sleep through the night fine with maybe one brief wakeup, usually around 9-10pm.
Clothes- 18 months and 24 months. Shoe size 5 and 6 depending on the brand. You have really wide feet so finding shoes that fit is a challenge. 

Diapers- Size 4 daytime and Size 5 overnight.

Appearance- People keep commenting on how much lighter your hair is getting. I think by the end of the summer it's going to be almost white blond. Your eyes still change from blue to green depending on what you are wearing.
Personality- You are still very active and constantly on the go. The only time you want to sit is if you can sit in our lap on the floor to read a book or do flashcards. Otherwise it's go go go. You have no interest in watching t.v. for more than a few minutes. You are still wanting to constantly climb on everything. You are a funny kid. You really like to make everyone laugh and are becoming quite the little ham. You are still a little lovebug and give out many hugs and kisses. You are becoming more attached and having a harder time when I drop you off at daycare in the mornings. You just want to be held and hugged. You are starting to have more tantrums, especially if we try to bring you inside before you are finished playing or if you don't get your way immediately. I'm scared for the terrible 2's.

-Playing with the water in our sink and chewing on our toothbrushes while I get dressed in the morning.
-Pushing your mower and shopping cart around the house.
-Playing in the woods and picking up rocks and bugs (100% boy).
-Looking out the kitchen window.
-Pushing stuff around the kitchen to stand on to try to reach the countertops.
-Drinking with a straw.

The biggest milestone this month as been learning to say and repeat more words. And also being able to identify whatever the word is you're saying. I swear in one weekend you just decided to start talking.
New words include:
-Car (sounds like Ca) and will say it while pointing to cars
-Ball (sounds like Ba) and will say it while pointing to a ball
-Bye Bye (new favorite word and so so cute) and will say this while waving or when someone leaves.
-Night Night (sounds like Ni Ni)
-Eye and will say when pointing to your eye.
-Mine and will say this when grabbing something
-Bryan (sounds like Brine) **this is my husbands best friend that comes over at least once a week.
-Uh Uh and will say this while shaking your head no.  
-Hi and will say this when holding up a toy cell phone to your ear.
-Butt (short for Button)
**Also if I ask you what sound a duck makes you go "quack quack" or a fire truck you go "woo woo"
-You can now point to all of the following body parts on yourself and someone else when asked:
ear, eye, nose, mouth, hair (while making the brushing motion), fingers, toes and belly button (which you point to after lifting your shirt up).

Sitting still for 2.2 seconds

Gone fishin

Hunter loves his grandma

Hunter also loves IHOP chocolate pancakes.

My little climbing monkey.

Touching his first fish and officially brain washed.

Touching his first cicada. Cue mommy freak out.

Our professional lawn service.

Sippy cup time at daycare.

This is what I deal with in the mornings.

Sitting still for 3.2 seconds.

I could die from the cute.


Anonymous said...

adorable. they grow so fast! when i look at pictures of my kid at 17mons, i can hardly recognize her!

Shannon said...

I just love that first picture and the fact he says your husband's friend's name. That is awesome!

Kristen said...

his hair is getting so light!

Jennifer said...

I could die from the cute too! He's adorable!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

mrs.mfc said...

Such a fun age!! We're working on words and body parts now too. He has suddenly started communicating so much recently!

Heather said...

Happy 17 months to Hunter! It must be so much fun to hear him learning to say new words.

Nat said...

Such a cutie! That shot of the him at the daycare table is priceless- they look like little men about to start up a card game!!

Brandy said...

sweet pics!

Stephanie said...

He is growing so much! I have really enjoyed watching him change. His personality is starting to show in your pictures so much more. And I LOVE his blonde hair.

Nessa said...

Such a smart boy :)
I love the photo of your morning. It made me laugh.

Nicole-Lynn said...

He looks so much older here! As he grows he's looking so much like his daddy! I see some of you in him too, of course, but he is a daddy mini me. So sweet!

Fiona said...

All of these photos are so adorable!! He is one seriously cute kid! :) Wow, he is starting to say so many words now. And ohh my.. the go go go.. Lids is the same. She does not stop!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Gorgeous pics; he's so cute and they grow up so fast dont they. Holden still hardly says anything so looking forward to when he does! x