Monday, June 17, 2013

Perfect Dad's Day Weekend

I think it's safe to say that Kristian enjoyed his Father's Day weekend. Despite the fact that we had to change our plans last minute when we weren't able to go to my in-laws beach house as planned we had a really wonderful weekend.

Friday night- After H was in bed, Kristian headed down to the water and had a campfire with some buddies while I stayed in and watched wedding shows. Basically a perfect night for both of us!

Saturday- Hunter woke up around 7am so I pulled him into bed to play with the iPad while we continued to doze. He is loving the iPad now that he knows how to work a couple of his apps. He will actually sit still for 20+ minutes.
After checking out some yard sales, which were a bust, we headed to the pool. Hunter is still not a fan and spent about 30 minutes crying/clinging to us before he passed out on my shoulder. So we put him in his stroller where he napped for an hour while we hung out with Kristian's buddy who was also there with his kid. 

Since Hunter doesn't seem to like the pool but LOVES the water table at daycare I decided to bite the bullet and buy him one for at home. He and I headed to Target while Kristian went fishing and for $35 I scored the last one they had. Hunter LOVES it! And I now understand why he comes home from daycare in different clothes everyday, the kid gets soaked!

*this saved us from having to give him a bath that night*
While Hunter played Kristian manned the grille and cooked some amazing ribs. He was in heaven with his beer, the grille and some Reggae music playing on the iPad. His buddy came over later with his kids for a feast of food. 

-Sunday- I let Kristian sleep in a bit for Father's Day so I got up with Hunter and once again let him entertain himself with the iPad for 30 minutes. Since these are educational apps I don't feel bad letting him play with it. Oh and he was rocking the bedhead look. 

On Saturday night I prepared a breakfast casserole that I threw in the refrigerator overnight, then just popped it in the oven Sunday morning and Voila, perfect Father's Day breakfast. 

I took Hunter on a long stroller walk so that Kristian could go fishing some more. Our cat Halpert, now tags along on our stroller walks. We put a leash on him that we tie to the stroller so he can't run off but he really doesn't try to, he just rides peacefully in the bottom part of the stroller and loves it. 

Hunter gave Kristian (and I) the best gift with a 3 hour nap -- I went to the pool alone while Kristian stayed home and watched Golf. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing together, watching golf, more iPading, and eating dinner. All in all it was a wonderful family weekend. 


The Hudack Family said...

I totally let Savannah play and watch shows on the iPad when I have to get things done. I feel bad but sometimes its the only way. What apps does he love?

Brittany said...

I love that the cat goes on walks with you!! Too funny

Shannon said...

OMG to your cat going on walks with you. That is nine parts cool and one part nerd (in the best way possible). Seriously, if my cats would do it, I totally would do it too!

Glad your man had a great daddy day!

And woo hoo to water tables.

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

His face in that splashing picture says it all. I can't believe your cat goes on walks! I want a cat like that!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Sounds heavenly! Love that the cat just sits in the stroller... too stinking cute!

Kristen Lawlor said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! And Halpert in the stroller? Hilarious!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Glad you all enjoyed Father's Day; lovely weekend. x

Laura said...

Sounds like such an awesome weekend. LOL I think that is hilarious that the cat likes to go on walks with you guys! That water table looks awesome! You'll def. get some great use out of that this summer!

Stephanie said...

What is in the breakfast casserole? That would be something so quick and easy to do when we have company.

Jamie said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful weekend!
i miss those long nap days... kayla no longer naps so she's ON all the time LOL