Friday, June 7, 2013

You call this Work?!

One of the nice things about my job is that we have numerous opportunities to do fun things outside of the office, either as a company or with our clients and vendors. Things like baseball games, sailboat trips on the Chesapeake or like next month, a day trip with our families to Kings Dominion Amusement Park.

Yesterday we took some clients for an outing at a local Go Kart track about 10 minutes from our office. We arrived at noon and had the entire place to ourselves. We ate lunch (with food we brought in from Costco), got a quick rundown of the rules and then spent about 1 1/2 hours racing.

There were 12 people total and everyone did 5 races each with 5 or 6 people taking part in each race. Each race consisted of a different grouping of people so everyone got to race each other at some point.

I was not very good. I kept slowing down too much going around the turns for fear of spinning out however, by my last two races I had improved and gotten a lot more comfortable going fast.  I was always 4th out of 5 or 6 people up until my last race where I came in 3rd. When all the times were added up I ended up being 9th out of 12. So like I said, I was not very good. However, I wasn't ever in last place either so I will take that.

We had a great time and it was definitely a nice way to kill about 4 hours during the work day. I even joked that I wanted to have my next birthday party there.

Part of the track.

Everyone had to wear these gorgeous race suits. Sexy huh?

Let's not forget the helmets. According to a couple people on Facebook and Instagram I look like Danica Patrick. I guess that's a compliment?

Three of my coworkers won the top three spots out of the group. Apparently I work with a bunch of speed demons.


Nessa said...

That's definitely what I'd call a job perk. Sounds like a ton of fun!

Heather said...

What a cool thing to do during the workday! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Anything that requires that level of gear must be serious racing! I would have been driving like a grandma in the back, terrified.

Fiona said...

What a fun way to spend a good chunk of a work day!! :) Looks like fun and wow, look at all that fancy gear!

Nicole-Lynn said...

How neat! Looks like fun! My husband's work just went paint balling! haha

Have a nice weekend :)