Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I had a very nice birthday/Mother's Day weekend despite Hunter not feeling so great. Kristian woke up Saturday morning to find that Hunter had puked in his crib and he had really bad diapers all day. But he cheered up when Grandma arrived.

Reading his new book with Grandma.
My mom came down early to spend the day but to also be there to watch Hunter while Kristian and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. The main thing I wanted was a date night with my honey. We had a fantastic meal and came home to sleeping toddler. We then hung out in the basement, like two high school kids, while my mom stayed in the living room.

On Sunday we woke up and got ready for brunch, where we would be meeting my brother and his girlfriend.

This handsome little man made me a mama, and I'm forever grateful.

It was so nice getting to celebrate both Mother's Day and my birthday with my mom. I usually don't get to see her on my actual birthday anymore so this was a treat.

After brunch we took a couple quick group shots by the water since it was freezing outside (umm 50 degrees in May?!). Then went back to our house for cake and presents.

I got some giftcards and jewelry and a really cute outfit that my brother's girlfriend picked out. Kristian bought me the Polar watch that I had been wanting, after seeing everyone on IG had one. Now I can track my calories when I'm on my walks with Hunter. During Hunter's nap Kristian and I went out front and hit tennis balls back and forth. We're warming up before we actually start going to the tennis courts together.

He also gave me a picture frame that had 3 photo slots and included a photo of Halpert, one of Moxie and then one of he and Hunter. I loved it.
He also made me an excellent birthday dinner. A "barnyard burger" or a bacon, egg and cheese burger. Yes there's a fried egg on top and yes it was delicious.

Even though Hunter seemed to be feeling better on Sunday, he was sent home early from daycare on Monday for more diarrhea. Fortunately I was already working from home and Kristian was able to come home early as well.

Getting some daddy cuddles after his nap.
Despite the stomach issues he seemed to be in better spirits last night and I was able to actually get a shot of him sitting still AND smiling. A birthday miracle!


Nessa said...

Sounds like a pretty sweet day, except for Hunter not feeling good. I've never understood how babies just spontaneously throw up, have fevers, etc and just bounce back, but then it comes back again a day or two later. With Chloe it's almost always teething. Hope he's feeling better today.

K said...

That burger looks AMAZING!!!

Stephanie said...

In the last photo, I think Hunter looks a little more like you!

Shannon said...

What a celebration weekend! I'm glad you had a good time despite little man not feeling 100%!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday and Mother's Day! The Polar watch sounds so cool!

Abegail Tudela said...

Belated Mother's Day. It looks like you had a simple yet beautiful celebration. Oh my I want myself a Polar watch now! lol it's so pretty.


Fiona said...

Sounds and looks like you had a pretty wonderful weekend of celebrations!! :) Glad you got to spend it with your own mother too. Hope Hunter is feeling much better now!!

Brittany said...

I love both of your outfits!! You looked great! Hope Hunter is feeling better