Friday, May 24, 2013

We should do this more often

Like most couples with a child/ren Kristian and I don't get many opportunities to hang out just the two of us...outside of the house. So for our anniversary that's what I wanted to do, just spend time together, alone, preferably outside of the house.

We don't give each other gifts for our anniversary. Between Christmas, birthdays and now Mother's and Father's Day we have plenty of gift giving holidays. For me our anniversary is about being together and reflecting on our marriage. So instead of gifts we take our money and either go somewhere or do something fun together.

Since our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year we decided to both take the day off of work, send Hunter to daycare and just spend the day together. So we slept in, as late as Hunter would let us, and then Kristian took him to daycare so I could stay in bed. He returned with McDonalds breakfast which we leisurely ate in bed and then continued to just lounge and cuddle in bed for a while since we NEVER get to do that with Mr. WakesUpAtTheCrackOfDawn down the hall.

The original plan was for us to go get a couples massage but after getting out of bed and getting dressed I got a call (and hour before the appointment!) saying they had to cancel because one of the masseuses had poison ivy! We were both pretty disappointed but Kristian came up with the brilliant idea to go get pedicures! I know this may seem like a strange idea coming from HIM. But I've been giving him a hard time lately (our entire marriage) about his feet and how he doesn't take care of them and how they gross me out (he has no problem walking around barefoot in the woods). His heels are really cracked from the dry skin and even he has said he should get it  taken care of so we decided to go get pedicures!

My manly husband getting his very first pedicure.

We both laughed that his lady was the only one wearing a mask!
The verdict? He LOVED it. Mainly because he got an "epic" foot and calf massage. Not sure he'll be making a habit of this but he definitely wouldn't be opposed to doing it again in the future. Mine was quite enjoyable as well. Oh and I'm no longer scared of his feet touching me.
Afterwards we went to lunch at The Olive Garden. We thought of going somewhere a bit fancier but I had a gift card which would cover our meal so we figured why not. I love me some salad and breadsticks.

Still looking good after 3 years.
When we got home I thought it would be fun to try on my wedding dress again, for the first time in 3 years. And I'm happy to say after 3 years and one child it still fits! Granted it was quite a bit tighter and took some effort to zip up but damn it I did it.
I came downstairs to show Kristian and he got the biggest smile on his face and was so excited to see me in that dress again. It really brought back fun memories. I still love it just as much as I did when I bought it.

After I was done playing dress up we went down to the water to fish a bit before picking Hunter up from daycare. And I'm happy to say that the fish I caught was bigger than all the ones Kristian caught. Also, I learned cicadas make excellent bait.

We had such a wonderful day together just being husband and wife rather than mommy and daddy. I love spending time as a family with Hunter but hanging out with just my husband is such a wonderful treat. And I think I enjoy day dates even more than nighttime dates. Now if only we could do this once a week or even once a month!
Oh and can I also point out that it rained on our wedding day, during what was supposed to be our outdor ceremony. It hasn't rained on May 22nd since then and we've had beautiful weather. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck and so far that seems to be the case!

*I was 8 weeks pregnant in this picture*

*Just realized Kristian wore the same shirt the past two years, maybe I should buy him some more clothes!*



Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw it seemed like such a nice anniversary for you two! You both look so happy! I love that you tried on your dress again, so sweet!

Kristen Lawlor said...

I miss your face! So glad you guys had such a great day together!

Lexilooo said...

sounds like a perfect day! happy anniversary!

K said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Glad you guys got to have some QT!

Nessa said...

That sounds really awesome. Day dates are my favorite because they're so rare when you have kids. Glad you both had a good time!

Crystal Renee said...

Wait - you said (ren) Are you pregnant? Happy Anniversary! :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

So sweet Shannon! You look awesome girl!

The Hudack Family said...

What a wonderful day. As much as we LOVE Savannah, husband/wife time is so nice and needed from time to time. Glad you both took the day off and really enjoyed it.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your anniversary! It's so cool that you put on your dress again, too!

Fiona said...

Sounds like such a perfect anniversary!! :) WOW, you look amazing in your dress and that is just awesome that it still fits!

Petchie said...

Aww this is so sweet!! Sounds ,Iike a pretty good way to spend an anniversary to me!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful anniversary!

hubs and i have our weekly date; we drop K off at his parents house and then we have a few hours to ourselves. it's nice :)

Laura said...

that sounds like an awesome day! I DEF. would not fit in my dress now (now even because I'm pregnant..but just because) BUT it will be a goal of mine for next year!!