Monday, May 20, 2013


In honor of our 3rd wedding anniversary coming up this week I thought I would write a little bit about Kristian and I as a couple. Sort of a "getting to know us" post.

-We met on

-Kristian claims he sent me an email about 9 months before we met but I never responded (I think I was dating someone at the time) and when he saw me back online later in the year he tried again and I responded! He also claims he knew on our first date that he wanted to marry me.

-Kristian's nickname for me is Mama Nay or Ma-Nay.

-We picked our wedding date (5/22) by combining our birthdays- mine is 5/12 and his is 10/22.

-My two biggest pet peeves about him are that he snores and that he always leave the cabinet doors and drawers open. I'm always having to close them after he leaves the kitchen (apparently he's done this since childhood).

-His two biggest pet peeves about me are that I won't go camping with him and that I watch bad reality shows including the Real Housewives, Teen Mom and Wedding shows.

-He's over a foot taller than me. I'm 5'0 and he's 6'1.

-The first time he came to my apartment, after a couple weeks of dating, instead of bringing me flowers, he brought a cat toy for my new kitten. Halpert has loved him ever since.

-He's the outgoing one in our relationship, he will talk to anyone and make friends wherever we go. I'm 33 and still get stranger danger. If it weren't for him I probably wouldn't even know our neighbors names.

-If it were up to him we would spoon all night while we slept but I can't sleep if anyone is touching me (one of the many reasons we never co-slept with Hunter), so instead he cuddles with Moxie.

-Kristian has a very similar personality to his dad and I have a very similar personality to his mom...they've been married for 45 years. Hopefully that bodes well for us.

-Since being with him I've learned to enjoy the outdoors a lot more....though I still don't want to go camping.

-Since being with him I've also learned to enjoy eating deer meat.

-One our favorite things to do is buy a lottery ticket and then spend the evening talking about what we would do with the money if we won. We did that Saturday night but unfortunately did not win Power Ball.

-We get along amazingly well with each other's families.

-We made a really cute kid together.


Fiona said...

Aww this is so sweet to read. You two seem like such a wonderful, happy couple :) I love that he knew from day 1 that he would marry you. I knew from the moment I saw Anthony that he would be mine (weeks before our first date). Love when it all works out!!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Happy anniversary! I love all of these little facts. I have to agree with you on the no camping and the no snuggling while sleeping thing (except we do co-sleep but that was out of pure desperation).

Stephanie said...

JJ does the same thing about leaving cabinet doors and drawers open! What’s up with that?

How wonderful that his parents have been married for so long. Wow, 45 years.

You definitely made a really cute kid together. :)

Happy anniversary!

Nat said...

Love this- I love how you picked your wedding date! My husband does the same thing with drawers- well he half shuts them which is more annoying. I also hate to have anyone touching me while I sleep which is why I love our king sized bed!!

Shannon said...

Very cute recap.

I love hearing online dating successes.

And I still can't get over the fact you have a cat named Halpert! <3

BG said...

this is so adorable. such a great couple!

Laura said...

Very cute...happy early anniversary! I always forget you two are pretty much exactly one year ahead of us!

Ummm I ALWAYS leave the kitchen cabinet doors open and chris gets sOOOOO mad at me. LOL, if I know I have to put anything back..I just leave them open until I'm done cooking...but this has resulted in Chris hitting his head on some cabinet doors a few times..whoops! Anyway...I didn't know that anyone else did this!

Kathy said...

haha i'm with you on the camping. it seems that as i've gotten older, i would rather be comfortable than sweating it out with the bugs in the woods.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww happy anniversary this is super cute!!