Thursday, February 28, 2013

14 Months

Since February only has 28 days I never know when to post his updates since he's a 30th baby.
Weight/Length- I don't know for sure but I suspect you are 27ish pounds and 31-32 inches. Your 18 month size pants are finally not too long on you.
Eating- You are no longer taking bottles during the day. I still give you a bottle before bed and first thing in the morning. The doctor wants you to be off the bottle by 15 months so that's our project this next month. During the day you drink your water and milk out of sippy cups with no problem. Still eating 3 meals a day with multiple snacks. You've showed signs of becoming a bit pickier with your food and we finally found something you actually do not like- tomato soup. But overall you're still a champion eater as you've been since day 1. 

Sleep- With the exception of a couple nights when you were teething/sick you've been sleeping great. We've been putting you to bed a little earlier, closer to 7:30pm and you are actually sleeping later most days, closer to 7am. This past weekend after a brief wakeup at 6am  when you couldn't find your pacifier you slept til 8:30am! Amazing! Most days you only take one nap around lunchtime for 1-2 hours. Sometimes on the weekend we can still get a second nap out of you but you fight it.

Clothes- 18 months and even a few 18-24 month outfits. I just bought a bunch of spring clothes in 18-24 months sizes for you.
Diapers- Size 4

Appearance- You got another haircut this month and your hair is SHORT, too short, it's makes you look so old. You are looking more like a little boy and not so much like a baby anymore. You also now have 11 teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 3 molars!!

Personality- You are really turning into a fun little kid. You love to play and are constantly getting into things and wanting to explore. You are all boy and very much like your father. I suspect you are going to give me a few mini heart attacks with your dare devil, mischievous ways. You are really getting into not only mimicking us but trying to make us laugh with your faces and sounds. You are also becoming very affectionate and constantly giving hugs and wanting to snuggle. The tantrums have increased as well, you continue to get very frustrated if we take something away from you or you aren't able to have something you want. You will lay on the floor and just cry. It's actually kind of cute (unless we're in public).  You are finally starting to enjoy watching cartoons (especially Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies) and you are finally sitting still and letting me read to you every night and actually seem to enjoy it. When you were younger you refused to sit still for story time.

-Getting into the kitchen cabinets
-Getting into the bathroom cabinets and playing with my (unplugged) curling irons
-Pressing the buttons on the clock radios
-Cartoons (finally! Though only for 10 minutes at a time)
-Your Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon books, we read them every night.
-Riding in your wagon
-Bubbles in the bathtub

-Looking out the window

Dislikes- same as last month

-You cut two more molars. You now have one on top and two on the bottom.
-You got your second haircut.
-If we tell you to take something to someone else you will do it.
-If we ask you to bring us something you will often follow directions.
-You can point to your nose when asked and our nose when asked. Sometimes your lips as well.
-You know to put a cell phone (or anything resembling a cell phone) up to your ear.
-You will give hugs when asked.
-You FINALLY started waving goodbye.
-You had your first bubble bath and loved it.  
-First wagon ride.
Photos for the month.
You do NOT sit still for pictures anymore, the only way I could get this was to put you in your wagon.

Loving your first bubble bath.

First trip to IHOP and first chocolate pancake. It was a hit.

You love to walk around outside now, despite the cold weather.

I love this little face.

You love to look out the window by the front door. Our little neighborhood watchman.

Again peeking out the window.

You are way more fashionable than mommy and daddy.

Seriously who is this teenager walking around my house?


Nat said...

He is so precious!!

Nessa said...

Such a cutie!
I think cabinets are a favorite for all toddlers. I hate when Chloe gets into the bathroom one because it's not baby-proofed but there's one in the kitchen that we haven't locked and I let her have free play with it, so much that she doesn't really play in it at all anymore.

Sean Marie said...

What a cute little man! Love his new do.

I am always so jealous when I read about other baby's sleep schedules and how they don't wake up through the night/take long or multiple naps.

Fiona said...

I know I say this everytime I see photos of him but my gosh, he is one seriously cute little boy!!! :) I love all of his little outfits.. and I think his haircut looks adorable.. and don't worry, it will grow back! ;) Sounds like he is so much fun right now!