Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend =Teeth, Haircuts and Wagons Oh My!

We had a surprisingly good weekend considering we spent last Wednesday and Thursday night dealing with a fussy, unhappy, refusing to sleep, teething toddler. He cut two new teeth including another molar. And since Kristian was away Thursday night with his dad on a hunting trip I was not in the best of moods by the time the weekend rolled around.

You wouldn't know from this picture that he had been up for most of the night. He was happy as a clam Friday morning. I was not.
Friday night he was was again Sir Fuss A Lot so we tried a bath, which is a pretty sure fire way to make him happy. He immediately started chewing on the washcloth. Teething sucks. But he was happy at least.
He actually slept well Friday night, in fact after a very brief wakeup at 6am he slept until 8:30am on a SATURDAY!!! This NEVER happens. I guess the sleep Gods were finally repaying me for the previous for nights. We were all in much better spirits. So good in fact, Hunter celebrated with moroccas!

Even though he slept late he still took a great 2 hour nap while I went to the grocery store. After I got back Kristian and I decided to watch Hawaii 5.0 on DVR. Normally Hunter doesn't pay attention to the t.v. and plays while we watch but he seemed quite engrossed in this episode (yes I realize not the most appropriate television) and really enjoyed eating MY apple.

Then of course there was the daddy ticklefest before bed. I love these two so much!

After Hunter went to bed Kristian and I actually sat down and watched a movie (Legends of the Fall was on t.v. and I LOVE that movie) and then watched a special on Mumford and Sons and just cuddled and listened to music. It was a great night and just what I needed.
Once again Hunter slept til 8:30am on Sunday! I know right! Amazing.
Instead of the Sunday paper he prefers reading a little bit of Brown Bear (upside down of course).

It was then time to take him for his second ever haircut. Instead of Cartoon Cuts we just took him to the local barber shop since Kristian also needed a haircut.

Hunter was NOT happy. In fact he screamed the entire time. Poor kid.

The barber made it a little shorter than I would have liked but at least this way we shouldn't need to take him back for a couple months. And I have to say he looks really damn cute.

(Still don't know how we got a little blondie)
My mom bought Hunter a radio flyer wagon last year and we finally brought it home last weekend and on Sunday we took it out for the first time. Moxie even tagged along for the ride.

They loved it!

Two peas in a pod.

Does it get any cuter?? Moxie preferred sitting right on Hunters lap.
Now we just need spring to come!

Sunday nights I typically try to make dinner since Kristian does most of the cooking during the week. I usually make some kind of casserole or crock pot meal that we can get at least two meals out of (then it's like I'm making dinner two nights!). Sunday night I made lasagna and some cookies. I'm a domestic freaking goddess.

After dinner Hunter got his very first official "bubble bath". I think he liked it.

How was your weekend?


Stephanie said...

This blog post reminds me of why blogging is such a blessing. Getting to document the every day part of our lives is going to be something wonderful we get to share with our boys when they are older.

Your dinner Sunday looks so good!

Anonymous said...

Other than the teething, it sounds like you had such a nice family weekend!! :) Sleeping in sounds great too! And yum, cookies and lasagna.. two of my favourite things. Love his new haircut. He looks so grown up!! That wagon looks super fun too. I'd love to get one for Lids for our walks and especially for summer camp this year because she could actually play in it unlike her stroller where there isn't much room.

We had a pretty lazy weekend at home, after a late date night out on Friday while we had a babysitter. Played tennis on Sunday while Lids watched from the side, but other than that we lazed around the house/yard/pool! :)

K said...

He's such a cutie! Glad he made it through his first hair cut! Hopefully he will get more used to it! Haha.

Oh and I went to respond to your comment and you are listed as a no-reply blogger. Just wanted to let you know.

Sarah said...

What a great, great weekend! Your dog in your sons lap is seriously adorable. My dogs try to get in Drew's lap too, but they are 55lbs+ so it doesn't work too well. :) I bet the next haircut will go better.... that first is just so scary! And your lasagna looks absolutely DELISH!!! :)

Brittney said...

It's funny that you mentioned Hawaii-5-0. We watched that show, too, while Emily plays. I actually think that she has a bit of a crush on Dan-o. She pays attention to the TV every time he says something. =)

Stephanie said...

Yay for bubble baths!! Glad he liked it! I think the hardest part is having clean, not sudsy water to wash them off with, especially their hands and face. Glad you had a great weekend after a rough few nights last week. I think he looks super cute with his new haircut!

Brittany said...

Yay for sleeping in til 830!

I love lasagna and really want some now.

princess apr said...

Cute! We've only had 2 haircuts and all before the age of 3. The benefit of a girl. I'd like to get it trimmed, but I don't know if it's worth the fight.

Rob used to watch The Wire with Laura. I swear, for awhile, the sound of gunshots put her to sleep. She was little at the time, of course.

Nessa said...

Mmm how did the lasagna turn out? I'm still trying to make the perfect lasagna but there's always something wrong with mine.
I adore those wagon photos! It just make me want to buy a wagon even more and use it asap. Although it will still be months before it's wagon weather around here.
Glad his sleep is getting back on schedule!

Heather said...

His haircut looks really cute, and he and Moxie look so sweet riding in the wagon together!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend!
He looks like such a big boy with that haircut!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Love the photos of the pup and hunter! Too cute!

Tracy Baldwin said...

Love the photos--too cute! Feel free to share the wagon ones on our photo album: We'd love to have another adorable addition!