Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Here's another round of So What Wednesday with Shannon.
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I don't take Hunter to the doctors EVERY time he's sent home early from daycare (which is what they would prefer), I would rather just wait the 24 hours until he's allowed back. I know he's just teething and we're more likely to actually catch something in that germ infested office.
-As inconvenient as it is workwise to stay home with him, I do love our extra time together.
-I told Kristian that I didn't like kissing him now that he has a beard because I feel like I'm kissing a hairy va.gina (not that I would know what that's actually like).
-I didnt stay awake to watch all of the Oscars, I'm not trying to stay up til midnight on a Sunday night. Why can't they start it earlier like they do the Super Bowl? Plus I thought it was boring anyways.
-Monday night I was doing some work from home while watching The Bachelor. I can only half pay attention to that show anyways because it annoys me so much (yet I still watch).  Turned out my (female) client was doing the same and we started emailing back and forth about the show.
-If everytime my kid does something new I call both of our mothers to tell them about it as if my child is the first child ever to do such a thing. Fortunately both grandmas get just as excited.
-I've spent more time and effort on Hunters first year photobook (which is almost done) than I did my wedding photobook. And I know he won't even care about looking at it when he's older but I will.


K said...

You totally don't need to take him to the doctor EVERY time. You're a mom, you know what you're doing. Plus, you know your kid better than anyone.
Also, my husband grows a beard every winter. I don't mind it as long as he trims the mustache part. Currently we are in a stand off. I say no kissing until it's trimmed. I'll win by the end of the night. Haha

Sean Marie said...

Hahahahahaha... hairy vagina.


And I bet Hunter WILL appreciate the photobook when he's grown and has kids of his own to show it to. :)

Nessa said...

I'm glad I'm not alone! Every time Chloe says a new word or something I can't call my mom fast enough.
Photobooks are so worth the effort! Chloe's came in last weeks and I absolutely love it. Now I'm working on doing one for 6-12 months. I'll probably put more effort into Chloe's than a wedding one too when the day comes.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Lol. A hairy vagina. That's awesome!

And I love all our photo books. I might be the only one. But it's important to me, so I keep doing them! Plus in the digital age we never print pictures, it's really the only record we have!

Heather said...

They want you to take him to the doctor every time? That's ridiculous, and you're right, he's more likely to get sick from going there. I hate going even for a physical or something routine, because I'm afraid I'll get sick.

Fiona said...

haha hairy vag.ina... too funny. I agree about the bearded faces though. Too scratchy!!

That is so fun that you and your client ended up chatting about the bachelor!! :) I've been watching too and it does drive me crazy but I can't stop. Almost finished though and it actually makes me sad. It is good trashy TV on my Monday night! I need it!!

I am sure your photo book for Hunter will be worth all the time spent making it :)

Nat said...

The beard comment is hysterical!! I totally agree about the bachelor, I'm not sure why I keep watching