Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Linking up again with Shannon for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying SO What if:
-I haven't hand crafted any cute Valentine's for Hunter's daycare class. I may run out today and buy something to take tomorrow but let's be real, they are 1 year olds, they don't know what Valentine's Day is.
-Even though I know it's a dumb Hallmark holiday I still want my hubby to get me something tomorrow. Who doesn't like presents? And tomorrow is our 4 year Engagiversary.  
-I was thrilled last night that Hunter was super cuddly and playful with me, especially after he dissed me the night before.
-I watched my DVR'd episode of Revenge last night, rather than the State of the Union. I figured it the President said anything important I would hear about it today anyways.
-Last night I told Kristian I was giving up Starbucks for Lent (no we are not Catholic), I am currently drinking a Starbucks White Mocha this morning. Sigh. I would make a horrible Catholic.
-I'm so happy that I get to telework on Monday for President's Day. Even though I'm still technically working, it's so nice to not have make my hour long commute and get to spend some extra time with my boys. 


princess apr said...

I don't do Valentine's Day, never did. Way back, Rob used to do stuff just to look like a good boyfriend. Sometimes, we'd do stuff the week before or some random time.

Last night, Rob watched hockey while I watched Supernatural. I followed the SOTU a little on Twitter though.

You don't have Monday off? Did you have MLK off though? We don't have MLK off. I look forward to Monday considering I feel like we get no holidays ever.

Stephanie said...

I'm not Catholic either and I always give something up for Lent and never stick to it. I wonder if we were true Catholics, if we would be better at giving up that one thing.

Brittany said...

I am so far behind on Revenge :( I need to catch up!

Nessa said...

I whipped up some Valentine's for Chloe's daycare class. I agree that they're only one and it doesn't make much sense to do it, but there was a list of names with Chloe's things so I figured why not. Thankfully there are only 6 kids in her class so it was easy.
Teleworking sounds awesome. I wish I was able to do that for my job. I do so little somedays that it seems pointless to come all the way to work.

Heather said...

Even before I left the Catholic Church and decided I don't want religion as a part of my life, I always thought Lent was rather pointless and that it would be better to focus on making positive changes to our lives all the time, rather than making arbitrary sacrifices for a few weeks. Vowing to give things up just sets us up for failure and disappointment, in my opinion.

Heather said...
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Jennifer said...

I want my husband to get me something too. I told him that all the other bloggers would be getting something and he'd look like a jerk if I got nothing. LOL!!

Stopping by from So What Wednesday!!

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Sean Marie said...

I'm more excited about Vday this year than I've ever been in my life and I don't know why!

I totally get not being thrilled about going out and wasting money on paper for little one's who couldn't give a crap less about it. And that's so sweet that you guys got engaged 4 years ago tomorrow, I say if you're up for it and have time you should totally post that story!

Cate S said...

Stopping in from SWW. We have the same blog background! Don't feel bad about not getting your husband anything for Valentine's Day. My husband's gift won't even by here by tomorrow.

The Hudack Family said...

I totally wish my job would let us telecommute more often. I have an hour drive each way also and it kills me!!

And I hope you got double presents today for Valentine's and your engagement anniversary!!