Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some life updates- WITH pictures

Thanks to some tips from some other bloggers I'm now able to post photos again using Firefox. You can suck it Explorer!

So here are some life updates with a few pictures. I've already posted these on Instagram so for those that follow me on there these will look familiar. For those that aren't following me already you can find me on IG, username SEP0522.

 About two weeks ago my company had a belated holiday dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House which is like a super swanky and pricey restaurant that I had never been to before. It was easily some of the best food I've ever eaten. It was probably one our fanciest dates since our wedding and nice to get out for a few hours while my mom watched Hunter.

Unfortunately our team didn't advance in the Playoffs but we still had fun rooting them on and looked quite cute doing it. HTTR (Hail to the Redskins). FYI- I'm now throwing my support behind the Ravens who (as a born and raised Maryland girl) are my second favorite team.

Hunter is full on walking now. There is really no stopping him and he can walk from room to room and is quite proud of himself. It's so cute and surreal seeing him toddle around the house. 

Kristian bought a bunch of new fishing reels off of Craig's List and the brainwashing is in full effect. Fortunately Hunter seems completely fascinated by the fishing reel/rods which of course makes his daddy super excited. 

 We finally bite the bullet and upgraded Hunter to a convertible carseat (these things are EXPENSIVE). He still hasn't officially outgrown his infant seat which goes up to 35 pounds but I was tired of lugging that thing inside daycare every morning (since Kristian picks up I have to leave it there). Plus he was starting to look squished in it. So we got him a new big boy seat which will now stay in my car and Kristian will continue to use the infant seat for another month or so until we can afford one for his car (we do not want to have to take this out everyday to switch cars). He looks so old in it!

Hunter has started to enjoy a little light bathtime reading with his new waterproof book. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a similar scene once he starts using the potty.

I'm not a fan of pizza crust (or really any kind of crust for that matter i.e. bread, pie etc) but fortunately Hunter quite enjoys eating mommy's pizza crust. We make a good team.

I've also spent the past few days trying to clean and re-organize the house but I'll leave that for a separate post along with a few Pinterest recipes I've tried recently. 


Stephanie said...

A night out at Ruth's Chris sounds wonderful! You two look great. Isn't it so weird to see them walking room to room like they own the place, like it's actually their house too...oh wait, it is. :) I LOL'ed at the potty comment.

Nessa said...

Surreal! That's the perfect word to describe what it's like seeing these little ones start to walk. Why are our babies getting so old?
I still haven't figured out instagram... I'm only on day 4 of iphone, but I managed to follow you! Someday I might be able to post for myself.
Can't wait to hear about these pinterest recipes. I'm always looking for new ideas.

princess apr said...

Nice! Loved that outfit for your company party.

Kids love the crust. I think it's good for teething if you watch them with it.

The convertible carseat will be good for years though. We are still using it (though she's very close to getting the booster as soon as she exceeds the weight limit). They do love looking out the window. Do you have the little mirror that hooks to the rearview mirror so you can see back there? I love mine. I may keep it on there forever to see what she's up to.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all of these photos on instagram over the past few weeks and again here. He is such a cutie. I can't get enough of him!!! :)

That date night sounds wonderful. So glad you got to do that. You both look fantastic!!

Aww I just LOVE the one of Hunter in the bath. His chub kills me!!! :)

Heather said...

I'm glad you can post pictures again! I went to Ruth's Chris a few years ago and loved it. How cool that Hunter is fully walking now, too!

Sean Marie said...

Those infant car seats got so dang heavy even with a 20 lb baby in em! Looks like we have the same reversible car seat too, and yeah those things are PRICEY!