Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13 Months- 1/30/13

I decided that I wanted to continue with monthly posts for Hunter for at least the next year to help document his milestones, otherwise I will forget everything. I'm not real good about updating his baby book in a timely manner.
Weight/Length- I don't know the official stats but I suspect you are about the same size as before, 26-27 pounds. Now that you are so much more mobile you seem to be slimming down a bit and starting to lose some of that delicious baby chunkiness (this makes me sad).


Eating- You officially weaned off of breastmilk at the beginning of this month and are now solely on whole milk or water. You get a small 4oz bottle of milk in the morning, one or two 5 oz bottles at daycare and a 5oz bottle before bed. You also drink water throughout the day and during meals out of your sippy cup. I've tried giving your milk in your sippy cup and you will drink a bit but don't really like it. Your doctor wants you off the bottle by 15 months so we need to practice this more. As for food, you are still eating like a champ, 3 full meals and multiple snacks during the day. You still seem to like everything but I've noticed you are starting to be pickier about what you eat. There will be times where you won't eat something I know that you have enjoyed in the past. But there are somethings you never turn down - fruits, chicken and any kind of dessert/sweets. 
Sleep- This past month your sleeping hasn't been great due to having a cold on and off and teething. You are still basically sleeping from 7:30-8pm until 5:30-7am. But you've started waking up once or twice during the night crying, all I need to do is give you your pacifier and tuck you back in and within a couple minutes you fall back asleep. The problem is you have a tendency to do this around 5am and by the time I fall back asleep my alarm is off again at 6am. You still typically take a long 2 hour nap in the morning and sometimes will nap again for another hour in the afternoon but there are many days you will only do one nap.


Clothes- Wearing mostly 18 months but still a few 12 month things that fit. Wearing size 5 baby shoes.  
Diapers- Size 4
Appearance- You are really needing another haircut, which will hopefully happen this weekend. Your hair is getting quite long again and when it's long like this it will get curly in the back. Also, the hemangioma (red spot) on top of your head seems to finally be fading (though with all your hair it's hard to see). Your eyes are like mine and seem to change depending on what you're wearing between blue, green and grey.
Personality- You are still are happy, sweet little boy, especially when we're out in public. You just love to people watch and always act well around others. You like to save your tantrums for mommy and daddy and boy have you started with the tantrums. Lord help us for the terrible two's! If we try to take something away from you or make you do something you don't want to you immediately do a "stiff body" and scream like you're being tortured. You will even throw yourself on the ground and just have a fit. Daddy and I try not to laugh because to be honest it is a bit funny. You are super curious about everything and have a knack for getting into exactly what you shouldn't be getting into. You also have become a bit of a daredevil which I blame on your father's genes. But you continue to make us laugh daily and watching you learn new tricks everyday is just amazing.  
-WALKING around the house
-Climbing up and down the steps
-Climbing on step stools
-Pressing any and all buttons you can get your hands on
-Your musical puppy toy and your music table and instrument set. You LOVE music.
-Opening and closing doors
-Turning the clock radio and noise machines that sit on the nightstand on and off.
-Eating out at restaurants
-Walking in the woods

Dislikes- same as last month
-Having your clothes and diaper changed
-Being locked out of rooms and babygates in general
-Getting out of the bathtub
-Drinking milk out of a sippy cut
-Being in your highchair if you're not eating
-Having your face or hands cleaned after eating
-Having your runny nose wiped.

-WALKING!!! A few days after your birthday you started walking and within about a week you were practically running around the house.
-Can stand unassisted for long periods of time
-Climbing step stools
-Stopped breastfeeding and are solely on whole milk
-First "real" snow
-Moved from an infant carseat to a bigger convertible carseat.
-Started eating off of a plate and getting practice using a spoon.
-First molar came in (upper left side)
-Cut another tooth on the top right (total teeth count = 9)

Here are a few more pictures from the past few days
Official 13 month photo.
I'm no longer doing the stickers on onesie photos

It snowed Friday night and we went outside to check it out for a few minutes (hence the no coat or hat look).

He's climbing now and giving me mini heart attacks.

A little pre-bath peek-a-boo with his towel.

He actually played in his pack n play for a good 30 minutes on Sunday (this NEVER happens). Note the awesome bed hair. Kid needs a haircut.

Thanks to the rare 70 degree January temperatures, Hunter and daddy went to the park after daycare yesterday.

Baby 'downward dog' yoga poses in the kitchen...sans pants.



The Hudack Family said...

Love that your going to keep these up!! I really want to also. It seems like they are still changing so much everyday. Sadly Savannah has been walking up at least once during the night also I think from teething. Last night however I couldn't get her to go back to sleep. Poor girl cried from 12:30 until almost 1:30. Mama is tired!!

Kristen Lawlor said...

How did he get so old already? Stop it!

Stephanie said...

He looks so big climbing that step stool! I kept the monthly posts going too, stickers and all, but I'm kind of over the stickers already. The little tantrums are kinda funny to watch, aren't they? For now at least... :)

Laura said...

so so cute as always :) I love the picture of you and hunter in the look so pretty and so happy and it's such a great moment in time picture! Love these updates!

Brittany said...

He is sooo big!! And so adorable he is definitely looking like a toddler now!

AV5848 said...

Been following your blog for a month or so now. Your son is adorable. He is the same age as my Noah (01/06/2012). I love reading posts from moms with kids the same age. Nice to see what other babies are up to. I totally know the feeling of tantrums, they just turned one, isn't this supposed to wait till 2?? I switched over to a sippy for milk last week (of course, he lays down to drink it, and I end up holding it). It's the Nuk soft spout and it's very similar to a bottle.

princess apr said...

So cute and getting so big so fast!

Laura was a climber. She also knew how to stack things like boxes and create makeshift ladders. It's amazing she never climbed out of the crib.

It's so funny because size 4 diapers is as far as Laura got. She never went to a larger size. Also, Laura only weighs 10 more pounds than Hunter at 5. She's in the 25th percentile and like 37 pounds. She can't graduate to the booster seat until she's 40 pounds which is frustrating because I can't wait to get out of buckling that 5-point harness (yeah, yeah, it's safer... whatever).

Fiona said...

I'm glad you are continuing with monthly posts as I would miss them too much if you didn't! :) Love all the photos this month as usual. He is getting so big. Look at all that hair!! :)

Alidia LOVES music now too. It is so fun to watch her dance the moment she hears any music of any sort!