Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's Wednesday which means I'm linking up with Shannon again for SO What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So What if?

-I've been on such a cleaning/re-organizing kick lately that Kristian asked me if I was pregnant because I seem to be "nesting". I'm not. This just shows you how often I clean and re-organize if it makes my husband think I must be pregnant.

-With that said I always try to clean and pick up my house before my cleaning lady comes. I get embarrassed when my house is a total disaster for company and that even includes the cleaning lady. 

-I didn't realize that Hunter had cut one of his 1 year molars until the tooth was almost completely in. I figured he was just being fussy to be fussy. Mom fail. 

-Now that I'm done nursing I'm pretty depressed about how much my boobs have shrunk, it's like they are scared turtles that have retreated inside my body. I didn't think it was possible but I swear they are even smaller than before. I told Kristian after we're done having kids I want a boob job.

-Despite being on the itty bitty t*tty committee again I am a bit relieved to be done with breast feeding and finally have my body totally back to myself after close to two years. 

-I'm not decorating for Valentine's Day. I JUST finished putting away Christmas decorations, I'm really not in the mood to decorate for another holiday again until Halloween.


K said...

Haha that's too funny that he asked you if you were pregnant. And I totally told my husband he is paying to fix my boobs when we are done having kids! Glad I'm not the only one!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh too funny! I wish that were the case for me (being pregnant!)

Amanda said...

I am afraid my large chest will become something really scary after I have kids! Here's hoping I can get a boob job too!

Nessa said...

It's not that much of a mom fail. Chloe popped out about three huge teeth and I had no idea. I rarely venture into her mouth anymore now that she likes to bite my fingers while I try to check for teeth.
I'm always nesting lately. We moved almost 2 months ago and I don't feel like the new place will ever be organized.
I wouldn't mind a boob job either. Mine got a bit bigger when I was breastfeeding, but even then they were nothing to glance at.

princess apr said...

My breasts never got that big when I was nursing. I like to joke they went to a full A cup. They're about the same size they were before. So sad. It doesn't usually bother me too much though I occasionally wonder "what if".

Our apartment got so bad between Christmas and New Year's. It's small so whenever it gets untidy, it's horrendous. Plus, I had the flu so nothing got done. I finally cleaned and tidied up all last weekend and it looks so much bigger. I've been fanatically trying to keep it that way the last 4 days. So far so good.

We talked about getting someone to help clean. I admit it has its allure, but I'd rather use the money elsewhere.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

HOLLAR FOR BEING IN THE SAME COMMITTEE MUH FRANNN!!!! I think I should be the president... ps after how big my tatas got with Payton I realized just how overrated they actually are!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about organizing, since I constantly do the same thing. And I never decorate for Valentine's Day or many holidays at all other than Christmas.