Monday, January 7, 2013

12 Month Update- 12/30/12

Dear Hunter,

You are now 1 years old! I've already written your mushy-will-probably-embarrass-you-one-day letter but I wanted to make sure to record your stats and milestones for the month. It's amazing how quickly I forget the little details of when you've done things which makes these updates priceless to me. Maybe one day you (or even your wife) will appreciate reading these. Even though you are now "official" a toddler you will forever be my baby.


Weight/Length- You had your one year checkup last week and you weighed in at 26.12lbs (91st percentile) and height was 30.25 inches (73rd percentile) and your head was 51cms (97th percentile). Your head is still big like your daddy's but fortunately it hasn't really grown in the last few months which is a good thing. You're are finally growing into your head. The doctor said you were a healthy, solid little boy and you are developing right on schedule.

Eating- Well we made it a full year of nursing, I know this may not mean much to you but I'm very proud of us. You were still nursing in the mornings and getting 2-3 bottles of breastmilk a day at daycare (5oz) and taking a 5-8oz bottle of formula before bed. You also get 3 full meals a day and 2-3 snacks. You are eating and enjoying EVERYTHING. We have yet to find something you will turn down. You are eating all table foods but also enjoy the baby food pouches to suck on. In the middle of the month I started putting a few ounces of whole milk into your bedtime bottle with the formula and so far you have done well with that. We are slowly transitioning you into only whole milk and now just nursing in the mornings and sometimes before naps on the weekends. 

Sleep- You've been a great sleeper for most of the month but you've had a cold this week and have been waking up a lot more due to coughing. When you're not sick you still sleep from 7:30-8pm until 5:30-7am. Sometimes you wake up bright and early and I can nurse you back to sleep for another hour and other days you sleep until I wake you up for daycare. You get two naps on the weekends and usually only one while at daycare because you don't want to miss anything while there.

Clothes- Wearing mostly 18 months but still a few 12 month things that fit. Wearing size 5 baby shoes. 
Diapers- Size 4
Appearance- Your hair gets thicker everyday and is starting to get long again since your haircut. You have a great head of hair. It's still a very light brown/dark blond color with hints of red depending on the light. Eyes are still a pretty blue/grey/green and the color seems to depend on what you're wearing, much like my eyes. They seem to be turning more green which makes me happy.

Personality- You are becoming a very curious little boy. You are constantly wanting to explore and get into things. You are mostly very happy and cheerful but we have had a few tantrums when we take something away that you want. You are always on the move and don't like to be held unless we are carrying you around so you can see things. You are just full of energy. You get a little hesitant and unsure around strangers but after a few minutes you are typically okay (so long as mommy and daddy are around). You really are a funny little boy and make us laugh constantly with your tricks.

-Playing with my nail polish bottles under the sink, you take each one and place them into an empty container. This keeps you occupied while I put on my makeup.
-Remote controls and cell phones and anything with buttons (preferably that make noise when you push them)
-Cruising along the furniture, you can basically get around the whole house by holding onto to various pieces of furniture or the wall.
-Opening and closing cabinet doors and really any kind of door
-Going to the store and people watching

-Being tickled and when daddy tosses you in the air
-Your walker push toy and your new instrument toys
-Watching daddy fly his remote control helicopter
-Bath time

Dislikes- same as last month
-Having your clothes and diaper changed
-Being locked out of rooms and babygates in general
-Getting out of the bathtub
-Being in your highchair if you're not eating

-Having your face or hands cleaned after eating
-Having your runny nose wiped.

-Celebrated first Christmas
-Celebrated first birthday
-Started pointing at things you want
-Mimicking more sounds that we make
-Saying mama and dada on a regular basis and recognize us when we ask where mama or dada is.
-Can say "uh oh"
-Stand without holding anything for up to 10 seconds
-Started taking 2-3 steps solo before falling
-Can walk while holding someone's hand
-Started drinking whole milk
**On 1/3/13 you took 5 little steps by yourself which is the most you had done. Since then you've done 5-6 steps multiple times. 
Nicknames over the past year:
-Hunt Hunt
-Le Hunt
-Little Bird
-Love Bug
-Hunt Man
-Hunter Bunter
-H Digitty
**Blogger won't let me upload any photos from my computer so unfortunately I can't post Hunters 12 month photos :( **


Nicole-Lynn said...

Stop growing, Hunter! haha He's such a big boy now!

Heather said...

Wow, Hunter has had a lot of milestones in the past month! I had that problem with Blogger a couple weeks ago, too, where it told me I had to pay for more space. So I just started linking in photo URLs from FB instead. Now, it's started allowing me to upload again.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy Birthday, Hunter!
What a big boy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what exciting milestones for Hunter this month!! I love that he now says uh oh. I am sure that is adorable! :) And the start of walking!! Eek! It begins! A lot of his dislikes this month match Alidia's exactly. Why oh why do they hate diaper/clothes changes soooo much?!?? Hardest part of the day around here right now! Uggg.

Well your little baby sure is growing up and becoming a little boy! :)