Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Kristian's birthday celebration started very early on Friday morning. He got up at 4:30AM to go hunt. I don't personally see the appeal of sitting in the woods at 5am waiting to shoot a deer but he finds it fun so I don't complain (much), after all it means I get the bed to myself for a few hours. Back on topic, I knew his plan was to leave early to hunt so I also got up early to decorate our dining room before work so that he would come home to a fun surprise after hunting.

Pardon all the boxes, this is where we've been keeping the boxes we've packed so far for our eventual move.

(Notice our cat on the table. He "helped" me decorate in his own special way. On the table I had some doughnuts and other fun treats for him.)

I totally stole the idea of decorating the dining room from when Kristian did it for me the night he proposed (see pic below). I personally think he did a much better job....probably because he wasn't decorating at 6am while still half asleep.

(this is what the room looks like sans boxes)

Kristian loved the decorated room and was definitely surprised when he got home. Unfortunately I was already at work so I missed seeing his reaction.

That night I took him out to dinner to his favorite sushi restaurant.
(my birthday boy!)
(I've finally jumped on the leggings bandwagon...they are SOOO comfortable...also Kristian loves how they make my ass look. Win Win.)
(I'm not much into the raw fish but this was Kristian's idea of heaven)

(how cute are we?!)

Since we go to this place a lot and always sit at the sushi bar Kristian knows not only the manager but the sushi chef. When we told them it was his birthday they totally hooked him up. He ordered one of the platters but they upgraded the type of fish he got at no extra charge and even threw in some Uni (sp?) which is expensive his favorite for free.

They were also doing a saki tasting that night. I've never had saki before and even though the tasting was fun I don't think I'll be drinking it in the future. I'd rather have regular wine.

All in all it was a great day and Kristian seems to be enjoying 33 so far.


KLaw said...

You're such a good wifey!

Bicoastal Bride said...

It looks like it was a great birthday! The free sushi sounds awesome.

Caro said...

I look at the picture of raw fish, can you believe I am 31 and only tasted sushi last week for the first time.

bananas. said...

you ARE such a good wifey! and YUMMO to all that raw fish. kristian knows what's up.

glad you two had a fab weekend!

~KS said...

I love that the cat helped decorate!!
And your leggings look AMAZING!!! I so need to get on that bandwagon.
And I agree with KLaw- you are so the best wife ever!! He's a lucky man!

Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

The Pittman's said...

good job decorating! ohhhh how I miss sushi so much!

bekapaige said...

Wow I love it! Well done, you. Looks like Kristian had a great birthday... and I may even steal some of your ideas for my husband's coming up soon :)

You look adorable in that outfit- help me with this leggings thing! I think I see so many people wearing them wrong that I'm just against them in general but that picture is making me reconsider because you look CUTE!

Morgan said...

You look adorable! Love the outfit and agree with the rest - the food looks DELISH!
And thanks for the sweet comments on my wedding colors - I can't wait to start planning! :)

Teenage Bride said...

how fun!!!!! You are so sweet!!! Such a great wife.