Friday, October 22, 2010

33 Years

Today is a very special day...33 years ago today the most amazing, kind, generous, loving man I've ever met was born and 32 1/2 years later I was lucky enough to make him my husband.

*My husband is a sexy beast*

To my husband-

You are my best friend, my partner, my love, my favorite. You have changed my life in so many ways and everyday I am a better person just by knowing you. I never imagined finding someone who would love me as fully and unconditionally as you do and I thank God everyday that you found me, that you put up with me and that you love me. You make my bad days good and my good days better.  There is nobody I would rather go through this crazy life journey with than you.  I can't wait to celebrate a lifetime of birthdays with you.

Happy Birthday Kristian!!

All my love always,
Your wife


The Pittman's said...

very sweet! The pumpkin picture is hilarious! Happy Birthday to your sweetie, have a great weekend!

Laura said...

It's my hubby's birthday today too! Happy Birthday, Kristian!

bananas. said...

awwww so sweet!

happy happy birthday to your "sexy beast" of a husband!

have fun celebrating...*wink wink*

Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy birthday to him! Have a great weekend!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Happy birthday to him! Enjoy your weekend :)

Venassa said...

You are so sweet.
Happy birthday to him!