Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wed-cap: The Rehearsal

Well I'm doing things a bit in reverse. Now that I've basically recapped the wedding itself I'm now going to do a few quick recaps of the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. I didn't recap these sooner because I was waiting for the pictures from the Rehearsal dinner that Kristian's uncle took. I finally got those a few weeks ago but up first the Rehearsal itself.

Here I am in the hotel before heading out for the Rehearsal.

We were of course running a bit late and with rush hour traffic on a Friday thrown in I was one of the last to arrive. Though honestly I was relieved most everyone was already there so that we could jump right in. We only had an hour at the venue without being charged an additional fee so I was pretty relentless about moving things along.

Even though our pastor hadn't arrived yet we got started with the run threw in our Plan A location. Since we didn't know if it would rain or not we had to do a quick run threw in each of our 3 potential ceremony spots. Fortunately most of our wedding party had been in weddings before so we didn't need to go over much more than where to stand and how to enter and leave the ceremony.

My mother and mother in law discussing the line-up. My other older brother is the one in the striped shirt.

Here I am with my oldest brother practicing my walk down the aisle in our Plan A location in the garden. You can tell by my face that this whole wedding thing is starting to hit me.

After we finished the run threw in the garden we moved to the terrace which was our Plan B location and also ended up being the site of a lot of our post-wedding pictures. This is where the ceremony would have happened if it rained in the morning, making the ground too muddy for a garden ceremony.

Practicing our walk "up" the aisle for Plan B.

After we finished outside we did a practice run inside. I don't have any pictures of us practicing inside but considering that's where the ceremony ended up taking place I think you've seen how that turned out :)

I should point out that our pastor didn't arrive until the very end of the rehearsal. He got caught in horrible traffic and what should have been an hour trip turned into a 3 hour commute. Once he arrived I quickly showed him all three potential ceremony locations and where/how he would enter, stand and leave. Pretty basic stuff.

After hearing some horror stories from other brides about their ceremonies not going according to plan because they weren't able to do a full run through at the rehearsal I realize how lucky we got. We didn't have the pastor there, we didn't practice with music (our DJ couldn't come), we didn't have the readers practice because I geniusly forgot to bring their readings, but despite all this the ceremony went off without a hitch. Without having seen our video yet, as far as I know everyone entered and exited correctly, the music was timed perfectly and the readers did a great job. Things definitely could have turned out much worse!

I love this pre-wedding picture of us. Also, I must point out that I'm holding a vintage Prada clutch that Kristian bought me for Christmas two years ago. He was so proud of this purchase and has admitted wishing it wasn't weird for a dude to carry a purse because he would totally rock it.

**Photos by bridesmaid Kelli


Bicoastal Bride said...

I love your rehearsal dress! I'm so glad everything worked out even without doing a full run-through. You already know my story. :)

Meagan said...

I die for your dress!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You looked gorgeous and so in shape! Loving that dress with the shoes, and the prada! :) So cute about what he said about carrying it! haha And lastly, the last pic of you two is adorable! :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I love your rehearsal dress :)

And like you, our pastor didn't show til the very end either. So we didn't get to rehearse a ton of what we should have :( Unfortunately, a lot didn't go the way I wanted...but it so didn't matter. No one really knew any different and it mostly came off without a hitch. A few things I wish we would have rehearsed better, like when the couples should each make their way *back* down the aisle...they were on top of each other which didn't allow the photographer to get photos of every couple as they exited :(