Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Shower Time

This past weekend I attended a Baby Shower/30th Birthday Party for one of my oldest friends and bridesmaid Kelli who will be welcoming her first child (a son) in about a month. She also turned 30 this weekend so there was a lot to celebrate!!

Baby showers are definitely more fun than wedding showers in my opinion, primarily because the gifts are way cuter. Let's be honest a blender and a toaster oven aren't very exciting gifts to watch being opened.

I was able to see some of my sorority sisters and friends from high school that I haven't seen in a while. The great thing about Kelli is that since we were on the dance team together in high school and a part of the same sorority in college we know the same people from both of those parts of our lives.

The shower was held at Kelli's townhouse and hosted by her older sister. She did a great job with all the food and the setup.

Our sorority sister Candace made this AWESOME ECU themed diaper wreath. I've seen diaper cakes before but never a diaper wreath and with all the baby stuff attached I thought it was such a fabulous gift/decorative piece. Candace already promised when I have a kid she's going to make a wreath for my shower that is half ECU and half VA Tech to cover both Kristian and my school.

Me with the mother to rubbing the belly contagious?? Isn't Kelli the cutest pregnant lady? All of my pregnant friends including Kristen (who gave birth a month ago) and Krista (whose due in Oct.) all look adorable pregnant. I just hope I'm as cute whenever I get knocked up.

AOII girls.

These were some of my gifts to Kelli. Her son can't have enough ECU pirate gear. There were more than a few gifts that I had to ask my friend whose a mother "What the hell is that for?"It's amazing all the crap you need when you have a baby.

The shower was great and I'm SOOO excited to meet her little boy (name is still TBD). I told her she'll have to give me a lesson on how to change a diaper. Yes I'm 30 years old and have never changed a diaper. My kids are so screwed.

On a separate note Kristian and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary on Sunday!!!


KLaw said...

Looks like you gals had a great time!! Miss chatting with you my dear!

bananas. said...

i've never changed a diaper either! ha! i thought i was the only one.

btw you look adorable in red my dear. cutest little guest there! congrats to your friend and happy 30th to her too!

Bicoastal Bride said...

What a cute shower! I also love baby showers, and that diaper wreath is too cute. Stephen's aunt gave me something similar, using kitchen gadgets, at my bridal shower.

Kristin said...

That wreath is so darling! Congrats to the mama to be!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I love your friends dress....maternity clothes really have come a long way from the mumus of the past! And don't worry about the diaper thing...I hadn't changed one either, 2 weeks later I'm a pro!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh my...she went all out on those it! And your hair looks super cute too :)

Spanky said...

Love it! Congrats to Kelli - she's going to be a fun mom!

bekapaige said...

Looks like an adorable shower- LOVE that wreath. Such a good idea

EmilyB said...

Is she even pregnant? What a cute little bump! Changing a diaper isn't all that hard. I haven't changed one in a few years but once you do it you never really forget.

Jenni said...

Awww so cute!! haha, I agree with all the baby stuff. its crazy how much people need!!!