Monday, August 9, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Panda Bears...Oh My!

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the fact that we only live about 30 minutes outside of D.C. and check out the National Zoo. The weather was actually beautiful for early August and since the zoo is free we figured it would be fun to play tourists for the day.

*At the entrance of the zoo, I was nice and bought Kristian some pink cotton candy which is what he's holding*

*The Pandas are definitely my favorite. Fortunately they were out front and center. Both were just chilling on the grass and eating. I apologize for the crotch shot*

*Toucan Sam*

*Funky Monkey*

*Meerkat! I want one!*

*Halpert is definitely related to these*

*Nice ass shot of the gorilla, I think he was feeling shy*

*Gorilla baby!!!*

*Slow and steady wins the race*

*This is his don't eff with me face*

*A lion 3some, the male is obviously worn out*

*This pond was full of the same type of turtles that we have. We even watched a turtle fight which let me tell you gets vicious!*


Despite getting stuck in traffic and a little lost both on our way to and from the zoo we had a really nice time. I definitely recommend checking out the zoo if you're ever in D.C.


Marian said...

I love the zoo in DC. And the fact that it is free:) You definitely had some great weather this weekend for it

Llama said...

I love going to the zoo! The pandas are so awesome! Love the pics!

bananas. said...

i don't do zoos...i have a thing against places with animals in captivity but i heart pandas so much. they're so cute even with there privates all exposed. lol.

MiMi said...

I love pointing and laughing at the monkeys with the red asses. I know. I'm mature.
Just read your comment on Salt Says about Jacob and Edward and I can't quit laughing. :)

Mrs T said...

I so want a meerkat!

EmilyB said...

Hoooold live 30 min outside of DC? WHERE? Did I know this? I live in Bethesda. Ps, I'm totally stalking your blog right now. Lol, sorry about that.