Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wed-cap: The end of the night Part 2

In my last post I left off with us leaving the venue in my brother's car. He drove us the 5 miles back to the Hotel and dropped off me, Kristian, my mom and her friend who were also staying at our hotel. As we were walking into the hotel we noticed another couple who had just gotten married that night checking in...the chick in the wedding dress was a dead giveaway. We high fived and congratulated the other couple before heading inside. As we made our way to the elevators we saw the tail end of another wedding finishing up in their ballroom. I guess May 22nd was a popular wedding date.

I had stayed in our hotel room the night before with my bridesmaid Colleen. Kristian had stayed at our condo Friday night and gotten dressed with his groomsmen at another hotel down the street so this was his first time seeing the room. Kristian being the romantic that he is did carry me across the threshold which was a very sweet moment.

Our room was very nice and modern and the bed was hands down the most comfortable hotel bed I've ever slept in. It was also one of the few hotel beds where I wasn't afraid to lay on the comforter!

Below is a picture of what the King bed hotel rooms look like...this isn't our room I swiped the picture from Trip Advisor.

The hotel very graciously left us a bottle of champagne (free of charge) since they knew we were staying there for our wedding. They actually left it in the room Friday night and Colleen and I debated drinking it but decided to save it for the wedding night. By the time we got back on the wedding night we weren't much in the mood for drinking so we decided to save the bottle to drink on our one year anniversary.

Once we got back to the room we laid on the bed and just talked and laughed and went over the events of the day. Kristian also helped me remove the bazillion bobby pins in my hair. We just couldn't get over the fact that we were finally, really married. I wanted to just hang out in my dress for a while and savor the last few minutes of being a bride. I'm not gonna lie taking the dress off was a bit sad for me as it signaled the end to such an amazing day.

I don't think I need, nor want to go into details of what happened can use your imagination...or rather don't because that's creepy. I must admit even after some sexy time I was still really wired and couldn't sleep, so what else is a girl to do when she can't sleep on her wedding night??? Update her status on Facebook of course! Yes I'm one of THOSE girls. Oh well, we are living in a digital world and I'm a digital girl. To be honest, I couldn't WAIT to change my status to married and update my name.

Below are more pictures of our actual room which is where I got ready the day of the wedding. I was glad that the room was so pretty because it made a great backdrop for the getting ready pictures.

*LOOOOVE this picture*

*Having this huge mirror on the wall came in quite handy while getting ready*

Where did/will you spend your wedding night?


bekapaige said...

We got married about 2 hours from our house, and about 3 hours from the airport we would fly out of for our honeymoon. We decided to stay in a hotel about an hour between our house and our wedding venue, which turned out to be the perfect amount of time to rehash all the things we liked about the wedding together :) Then we were an hour closer the next day

I agree that your hotel room = gorgeous!

Marian said...

Love LOVE those pictures of you (and the ladies) getting ready in the hotel room!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Stephen had to remove tons of pins from my hair, too! Your room looks gorgeous. Our friends decorated our hotel room in a theme related to our Hawaiian honeymoon. I'll share pictures soon!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

We stayed at a Courtyard Marriott about 5 minutes from the venue. We had to get in the 'sexy time' but once we did, we were out! So exhausted...I don't know how you did it, girl. But I do love that you updated Facebook! :)

LauraLou said...

We stayed in the Marriott and David carried me across the threshold too! So sweet. :)

Chocolate Lover said...

The hotel room looks beautiful! SO cute that he carried you over the threshold!

Cat said...

Love the pics! Sounds like a perfect end to your wedding night. I chuckled a bit at picturing the "high-five" with the other bride :) Congrats :)

AubreyRose @ My Simple Everyday said...

Love the window picture! We spent our wedding night in a swanky hotel different from the one our friends and fam were staying at (I didn't want anyone to hear or think about what we were doing - ha!). My girls managed to sneak out and decorate it for us with petals and candles, which was really nice!

Alicia said...

lol i passed out super early on our wedding night! i was exhausted!! i love that pic of you putting on your cute!

Salt said...

Great room! We had a giant mirror in ours too that very much helped with the getting ready process. :)

Our first night being married was back in our room at the resort, but they upgraded us to a huge suite a couple days later!