Thursday, March 11, 2010


**If you are one of my bridesmaids please DO NOT READ this post!!! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and do not keep reading! It will ruin a surprise for you *sad face*

Okay now that that's taken care of I want to talk about the goodies I bought for my bridesmaids to thank them for putting up with me/continuing to be my friend/taking part in my oh-so-special day.

When trying to come up with an idea for what to get my bridesmaids I did know what I didn't want to get them and that was matching jewelry. Don't get me wrong I love jewelry as much as the next girl but I felt that since I was having them wear matching dresses I wanted them to be able to show their own style and personality through their shoes/jewelry/hair/makeup. I also knew that I did want something personalized.

So I actually ended up with two gifts for them. Both could be used on the wedding day and (hopefully) after the wedding.

The first is a clutch that they can use for the wedding reception. I bought it off of the Etsy shop Longrunners. It has both the black and white damask pattern that I'm incorporating into the wedding and the pink color which I'm using for the flowers. I liked them so much I bought one for myself! Once I received them I decided to personalize them a bit by adding some rhinestones inside to include each girl's first initial. It's not Prada but I think it's cute.

(The inside with the bling)

( I can't seem to get this picture to turn the right way. My bad)

In addition to the clutches I decided to get the girls comestic/toiletry bags (also in my wedding colors) that I found on . I plan to fill these with travel size items they might need on the wedding day like hairspray, bobby pins, advil, breath mints etc. These were also able to be personalized with little buttons of their first initials.

(A girl can never have too many makeup bags)

There was a sale going on and they threw in personalized thank you cards along with the bags. I plan to use these as part of my thank you gifts to my bridesmaids who are hosting my shower in two weeks.

I really hope the girls like the gifts and will find them useful in the future.


bananas. said...

your BMs will love it!

you spoil them so :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great ideas! They will love them!

Annie said...

i love it all!!
i'm sure your girls will too!

Chocolate Lover said...

Great idea! I am getting my ladies clutches too!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i think i should be a BM! A bridesmaid not a Bowel Movement. yuck.



KLaw said...

Supah cute! I'll keep my big mouth shut. Promise.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute! Love it all.

Kristen said...

Great gift ideas. I would have loved gifts like this when I was a bridesmaid....not that there is anything wrong with matching jewelery that I'll never wear again or anything.... :-)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Those are great gifts. Although I hate to admit I did the matching jewelry thing for my girls: I custom designed necklaces in our colors to match their dresses. But I also got them each a different colored silk jewelry roll, a parasol they'll use for the photo session, a black satin hanger with each girl's initial to hang their gowns on in the room where we're getting ready and some little goodies for the wedding day like you mentioned. :) Lots of fun little stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great gifts! They will love them!

Salt said...

I think they will love all of it for sure! I certainly would if I were them. :)

Mrs T said...

Love them all. Lucky girls!

Mel said...

I love the clutches you are getting the girls! I just found your blog the other day, and how random is this. We are having the same wedding colors, im getting married next may 21st, we go to OBX every year on vacation, we were looking at ann taylor for wedding dresses, and um i LOVE the office and jim. Anyways, sorry if this is really random, but I tried to find your email so it wouldnt be left as a post, but i cant find it. I love reading up on your wedding plans, im having such fun planning mine!

kanishk said...

Great ideas! They will love them!
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