Thursday, March 25, 2010

April 15th

This picture pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. Come April 15th good ol' Uncle Sam will be draining what little I have in my bank account so that I can pay EVEN more taxes than I already do throughout the year. Umm does he NOT know that I have a wedding a month later I'm trying to pay for. Asshole!

The past two years I actually got a pretty good refund back, I'm talking several hundred dollars so believe it or not I was kinda pysched about tax season, stupidly thinking I would get another similar refund back this year to go into the wedding fund. Alas no such luck.

I did my taxes myself using Turbo Tax for the first time ever (I'm such a big girl!). The past two years a former friend of mine whose an accountant did my taxes. The good thing is that since I'm still "technically" single and don't own a home my taxes are pretty straight forward and everyone said I could do them myself pretty easy.

Well when I saw how much I now OWED I freaked out and assumed I did something wrong. So I sent a copy of this year's 1040 and a copy of last year's to my older, smarter brother to double check and make sure I didn't forget anything. He looked it over and it appears that I do in fact owe this year. Apparently I made quite a bit more money this year than I did last year since I changed jobs and it pushed me into the next tax bracket. I guess I'm now too "rich" for refunds. HA! Ain't that a B!

Needless to say I will be waiting until around April 12th to file and pay. Instead of adding to my wedding fund I will be taking money out of it, essentially the cost of my wedding cake is what I owe the IRS. Next year should be interesting since we'll be filing jointly and we could potentially *fingers crossed* be selling our current place and buying something new. But you better believe we will be talking to a financial person about all this after the wedding to see what we can do to avoid having to owe next year.


Bicoastal Bride said...

That’s such a letdown! So sorry!

april said...

That stinks! Because Rob's job was a pay decrease last year, I don't think we should owe anything. We've gotten a tiny sum back over the years. We actually file individually because it works best for us. I'm not sure how it'll work this year, but we always wait until the last minute. :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Bummer. Our wedding is April 16th and I was totally thinking about taxes when I was considering money. Like you, I typically get a good sized refund but for whatever reason this year, I did not get nearly as much as I normally do back and I OWE on my state taxes! Stupid California! I am stressing out this week as ALL of my wedding bills are due!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

That sucks!

Jenni said...

Oh that sucks! Good for you planning ahead for nest year though!

Ela said...

Aw, sorry hon. That stinks.
Eek! I still need to file ours.
Hopefully next year, the combined income will work out and you'll get a good refund? Fingers crossed.