Friday, September 25, 2009

Gimme Gimme Gimme

It's Giveaway TIME!!! Today has been INSANE at work but I'm finally getting a bit of break and wanted to get my giveaway up.

Since my 100th post fell right at the beginning of fall I decided to do a fall themed Giveaway with some of my favorite items to have this time of year.

(Fun basket full of treats)

(Cute little fall purse, it's no Coach but it would be cute to carry on the weekends)

(not really "fall"ish but super cute refrigerator "mood" magnets)

(Yummy smelling Apple candle)

(cute pumpkin candy dish...or ashtray if you're a smoker haha)

(dark colored nail polish...a MUST for fall...though I wear all year round)

(Fall inspired magnet notepad)

Now for the rules, I decided to keep this easy, all you have to do to enter is become or already be a follower and leave me a comment about whatever you want i.e. what you like about fall, how awesome I am etc. I'll pick the lucky winner next Friday Oct. 2nd. Good Luck!


KLaw said...

Um, do I count for the giveaway? I wasn't sure if real life friends should be included. But I will say with an astounding Jim Halpert is the hotness yes, I am, in fact interested.

And I'm admittedly slightly jealous that Pam is having Jim's baby. I'm just sayin.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Ohhhh mood magnets!! That's be good for me.

And honestly, I've never really given the seasons much thought because in Puerto Rico there is absolutely NO change between them. But I have noticed [this is my 2nd Fall in the US] that the leaves do change colors, it DOES get colder and the sun sets earlier. I think I'm still learning to appreciate the little changes that take place with every changing season.

Llama said...

I am already a very happy follower! :) I love everything about fall, esp. apple picking and pie making :) Those magnets are the cutest thing ever! What an adorable basket! Good luck to everyone!:)

bananas. said...

love me some giveaway love. and DUH you are awesome!!!

have a fabulous weekend darling. drink for me!

Elizabeth Marie said...

You are FABULOUS and my bloggy life would suck without you fo real though...

Umm so when I was at Brooke's she has those magnets and I put them on my must find list and lo and behold here they are so it's a sign...should I just give you my address now? haha!

ADORABLE giveaway! YAY FALL!! Happy Weekend love! I hope the dress shopping goes well! XO

nifer said...

Such a cute giveaway! I love it... and my absolute favorite thing about fall is apple-picking. A beautiful day outside, foliage backdrop and time spent with friends and family. Having a kitchen overwhelmed by apples and trying to come up with what to bake next so none of them spoil before you can enjoy their yumminess.

Hope you are enjoying your fall (and that you pick me!). = )

~ Jen

LiLu said...

I am totally a follower, and you are even MORE AWESOME than Fall!

april said...

Well, of course I already follow, but is that the nail polish you wear often? I love that color. I found a similar one actually, but I was always curious what shade yours is.

straw76berry said...

The fate of the naughty pumpkin!!

A queer little pumpkin, a jolly fat fellow,
Stood close to his mother so rotund and yellow.
"What a stupid old place! how I long to aspire,"
Cried he, "I was destined for something much higher."

"My son," said the mother, "pray do be content,
There's great satisfaction in life that's well spent!"
But he shrugged up his shoulders, this pumpkin, it is true,
And acted just like some bad children will do.

With a shout and a whoop, in the garden they ran,
Tom and Ned, for they'd thought of the loveliest plan
To astonish their friends from the city, you see,
With a fine Jack-o'-lantern--"Ah, this one suits me!"

Neddie seized the bad pumpkin, and dug out his brains,
Till he felt so light-headed and brimful of pains;
Then two eyes, a long nose, and a mouth big and wide,
They cut in a minute, and laid him aside

Until night, when they hung him upon a stout limb,
With a candle inside; how his poor head did swim,
As they twisted him this way, then twirled him round that,
Till at last, with a crash, he fell on the ground flat,

A wreck of the once jolly, fat little fellow,
Who stood by his mother so rotund and yellow.
Just then a lean cow, who was passing that way,
Ate him up, just to finish HER "Thanksgiving Day."

I love you and your blog and hope you never have you brains scooped out and tea lights placed in your head !!!!

Much love from jolly England !!

Erika x

brooke said...

yey!!! i really really do have those magnets just like liz said!!! love them!!! so if i win (please yes please yes!!!) i will share with her promise!!!!