Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Armed and Dangerous

This past weekend Kristian and I headed about 2 hours south to visit his friends Bryan and Melissa and to celebrate their son's 7th birthday. On the way down we stopped at Kristian's place of worship- aka Bass Pro Shop


This store is MASSIVE and has everything you would ever need for fishing, hunting, camping and basically any outdoor activity. Needless to say he was like a little kid in a candy store and I was just trying not to let my boredom show through too much. We walked around the store for close to an hour and I watched Kristian pick up items then remind himself we have a wedding to pay and slowly place the item back. I told him that maybe he should have a Man Shower and register there for gifts :)

We then got back on the road and headed to Bryan and Melissa's house which is in the middle of nowhere VA on about 2 acres of land. They had some of their other friends there with their children so we spent the day drinking and playing with the kiddies. As the sun started to set the boys decided to pull out a few guns and let me try my hand at shooting! I felt just a TAD redneck but oh well.

I have NEVER shot a gun before. Guns make me nervous but Kristian has a pretty large collection (most of which are kept locked in the safe). So after accounting for all the kiddies and making sure they were inside I got to take some frustration out on a poor innocent trash can in the backyard. I first got to shoot with a rifle which was pretty smooth and easy. Next up were two different handguns. Kristian had to put his hands over my ears while I shot so that the noise wouldn't freak me out. I have to say I much preferred the rifle to the handguns which had more of a kickback to them.

The boys of course thought this was awesome and even got some great pictures of my reaction post shots (I'm still waiting for Bryan to send me the pics hence why they aren't posted). I told Kristian that it was fun but not something I would probably want to do again anytime soon. I think it's important to know how to use the gun we have in case God forbid something bad does happen but it's definitely not a toy or something I feel like messing around with.

Later on that night the boys continued to drink and pulled out their old high school yearbooks which was pretty funny. I had forgotten how bad the hair and fashions were in the mid 90's. Ugh. And after seeing the pictures of the girls K made out with back then let's just say that I'm a BIG upgrade :)


Ela said...

LOL @ the doubt you are the bestest - you are fabulous!
I don't think I could ever shoot one, I think it's best I just stay away from them, for everyone's sake.
Oh and we have one of those stores nearby - that place is seriously ridiculous - it has everything! Most of which I didn't even know existed.

Elizabeth Marie said...

OF course you're the best of them all!!!!!

I've never shot a gun! I think going to the shooting range would be an interesting first date to say the least...

You're a good woman for tolerating an hour in a store like that! I can't deal. :)


bananas. said...

HAHA!!! i'm sure you are. that's funny that you say that because i said the same thing the other day when i was talking about dave's exes.

as for the gun experience, i am the same way. guns make me uber nervous but after i shot a 357, i found it exhilerating! it was such a release. don't think i'll be shooting things every day but i do enjoy it once in a while.

KLaw said...

I cant wait to see these pictures. Holy hell! You're probably the size of that damn riffle alone. :)