Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Groom's Engagement Gift

Shortly after getting engaged I started thinking of an engagement gift to give to Kristian. I knew it wasn't something I had to do and not something that is traditionally done but I felt bad that he had spent all this money on a ring for me and didn't have anything in return...except a super cool fiancee of course!

I started thinking of various things I could get him but nothing seemed right or he flat out told me he didn't want it. Being the master fisherman that he is I guess it shouldn't surprise me that what he ultimately decided he wanted had to do with fishing. Admittedly I'm a fishing novice and still don't understand why he needs 15 different fishing poles...don't they all do the same thing?? Apparently not! Then again the same question could be posed to me about my shoe collection but we won't get into that!

So after a bit of pestering he finally sent me a link to what he wants a new fishing reel It's fairly pricey, around $550, but considering what he spent on me I really shouldn't complain. I told him that I would get him an engagement present sometime before the wedding, I'm just not sure when. Hopefully I can pull enough money together to get it by this summer so he has some time to use it this year.

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