Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flower Power

This weekend Kristian and I went back down to his parents beach house for a little rest, relaxation and of course fishing (I caught two fish!) but while we were there we also discussed the wedding...more specifically the flowers. Even though I still have plenty of time before I need to really figure out bouquets/centerpieces we couldn't help discussing possibilities for the wedding after seeing the amazing roses and peonies that his parents have in their garden.

Flowers seem to be one of the few things that Kristian really has an interest in when it comes to wedding planning. While most men could care less about flowers and wouldn't know the difference between a carnation and a tulip Kristian definitely has a green thumb and is really interested in landscaping, plants and flowers. After seeing his parents garden I now know where he gets it from.

The flowers at his parents house truly are amazing, I've never seen such full, beautiful roses and peonies outside of a flower shop. They were in shades ranging from white to pink to red and his mother had several vases full around the house. The vase in the kitchen full of light and dark pink peonies alone would have made a beautiful wedding centerpiece.

I've never really been drawn to the overly ornate bouquets and centerpieces with 5 different kinds of flowers mixed together. I like simpler arrangements of one or two different types in tight bundles. The great thing about peonies is that they are large blossoms and as with hydrangeas (another favorite) you don't need many for a centerpiece or bouquet which equates to less $$$.

So after some discussion Kristian and I decided that if possible we will try to incorporate peonies into the wedding decor. Another bonus is that peonies are in season in May which should also help with the cost.

Check out the beautiful flowers that his mother cut for us to bring home.


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