Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I think we have a winner

Last night I went to check out the 4th venue. Kristian had to work late so I went by myself. One of my coworker's nieces got married there last year and she recommended it to me. After doing some research and looking at the pictures online it looked like a good possible option.

It's Hollin Hall and the Meeting House in Alexandria, VA. It's a gorgeous property tucked back in a neighborhood a few miles from Old Town Alexandria which boast a ton of cute little restaurants and shops and would be a perfect weekend getaway for our guests.

We are able to rent the entire property for 7 hours which gives us access to both Hollin Hall, which is an old mansion; the Meeting House, which is a larger space that can be used for a reception or indoor ceremony; as well as the gardens and terraces. Having the use of the entire property offers us so many options of where to hold the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the reception itself. For now I think we plan to use the larger garden for the ceremony then move to the covered terrace outside of Hollin Hall for cocktails then move back to the Meeting House for the Reception in the larger room. If the weather doesn't cooperate that day we can have the ceremony in the large Meeting House room. This actually wouldn't bother me because the room has a large stain glass window and has the feel of a church to it so it would be a nice alternative.

The coordinator there was a very nice woman who gave me a tour of the whole property and also a packet full of information/layouts/pricing etc. We are able to get are own caterer which is great because it gives us much more options on menu choices and costs. They are very flexible about the timing of the event so long as everyone is out by midnight. I'm guessing we'll start the ceremony around 6pm and go until they shut the doors on us.

When I got home I showed Kristian all the handouts and pricing and went online so he could see all the pictures. He was very excited about it and we both agreed this would be our best option. So now we just need to go back so he can see the place in person and then I think we will put a deposit down by next week! I'm so excited that the hardest part of the planning is almost over!

The Aisle

The Gardens

The Terrace for Cocktails

The Meeting House for the Reception

**Photos courtesy of MVUC website

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