Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Passport to a Tupperware Party

Today I went to apply for my very first passport! I've only left the country once and that was 10 years ago to go to the Bahama's and I only needed my birth certificate to get in and out of the country. Well Kristian and I are planning a trip to Mexico in May for my birthday so we both needed to get our passports. He went last week before he left for his CA trip but I wasn't able to go until today.

The whole experience was rather assuming. I was sitting at the desk filling out the paperwork and the older woman that was helping me asked if this was for my honeymoon...obviously she saw I was wearing a ring. I told her that it was for another trip and that my honeymoon would be next year sometime. She then told me about how to go about getting a new passport once I'm married and change my name. Apparently if I get married and apply for a new one within the year it's free (unfortunately we won't be getting married within the next 12 months). Anyway she then started asking me how long I've been dating my fiance and when we got engaged etc. I was polite and answered her questions even though I'm not a big fan of chit chatting with strangers, especially about my personal life.

The funny part came when she was said 'So I'm assuming you'll need to put your kitchen together' I took this as old woman speak for registering for the wedding. I said that yes we would need to register later on since we don't live together and that's when she mentioned she sells tupperware and maybe I could host a party for her to sell my friends and I tupperware!!! I'm sure it's against the rules to solicit people for a side business but I smiled and just said that would be fine...after all she has control of my passport application and nothing is coming between me and Mexico!! She said that she could call me after hours so we could set up a date for her to come by...uh I will be screening my calls like a champ the next few days! She then mentioned that she's hoping to retire soon and hopes that she can just get away with selling Tupperware from now on.

All I could do was try not to laugh. She was a very sweet lady and I did appreciate her help and information about changing over my passport once I'm married but that doesn't make us Tupperware BFF's. I had no idea this is what comes with wearing a ring!

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