Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big Moment

Kristian and I had only been dating a couple of months when we first started talking about getting married. We even went together to look at rings which was a very surreal experience for me. We didn't have any set timeline for when a proposal would take place. I wasn't in any hurry however I didn't feel the need to date for years before getting engaged either.

In January Kristian got laid off from his job thanks to the poor economy. Thankfully it only took him about 3 weeks before he found another job. However due to his brief unemployment I figured that any possible proposal wouldn't be happening for a while...little did I know the big purchase had already been made.

On Valentine's Day I went over to Kristian's house for dinner. I figured he had done some decorating since the night before he said we couldn't hang out partly due to him needing to get stuff ready. However I did not expect to see what I did when I walked in the door. He had his entire dining room decorated, including balloons, flowers, a banner, rose petals and candy hearts on the table and even streamers. It was amazing and I started to cry. No man has ever done anything so sweet for me before. He cooked an amazing dinner of steak, twice baked potatoe, green beans and salad.

As we ate dinner we were playing my "love mix" on my IPOD and I began to read the 22 hearts he had cut out of red paper. On each heart he had written a reason he loves me. After dinner we even slowed danced a bit, it was all very romantic. As I was standing in the dining room talking to the cat and not paying attention K went to get the ring. He came back out as the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz was playing (this has been one of our songs since we started dating and we even went to see him in concert). He told me he couldn't wait any longer and got down on his knees. I thought he was messing with me since there was no way he could have a ring and therefore couldn't possibly be proposing. I kept telling him to stop messing around and to stand up but then I looked down again and he was holding out a little wooden box. That's when I began to freak out. He opened the box and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock and just kept saying "oh my god" over and over again. Finally after what I'm sure seemed like forever I said yes.

The funny thing about it was that he told me he truly didn't plan to propose. In fact he kept telling himself NOT to propose. He thought that I would find a Vday proposal cheesy and he was going to try to wait until May when we go on our trip to Mexico. However he said the setting was too perfect he couldn't resist. I asked him about the ring since I had no idea he had gotten it. He said he bought the diamond in November...NOVEMBER...designed the setting in December and just got it back a few weeks ago. I was shocked for the simple fact that he has the hardest time keeping presents from me until the actual holiday/event. In fact he gave me my actual Vday present (a necklace) a few days beforehand because he couldn't wait.

The ring is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It's 1 1/4 carat cushion cut for the center stone and 2 carats total. I never in my life thought I would have something so beautiful to wear or a man so wonderful to give it to me. Now all the planning fun begins!

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Awwww... you should submit this to my proposal project ;-)

Beautiful ring!