Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things I want to remember

-The way you grab one of my legs and one of daddy's legs and tell us to hug. And then want to be picked up to join in on the group hug.

-The way you say "Bless you mama" everytime I sneeze and sometimes when I cough.

-The way you sing the ABC song or Twinkle Twinkle to yourself while playing with your toys or just laying in your crib.

-The way you run at top speed to give me a hug when I get home at night or when I pick you up from daycare.

-Your love of all things trucks and bus related.

-The way you pat my back when I give you a hug.

-How your always answer "applesauce" when I ask you what you want to eat.

-How excited you get to talk to your grandparents on Facetime and the sweet way you say "nana", "grandma" and "papa".

-The way you say goodnight to all your toys as well as the cat and the dog before going to bed.

-How you insist on having everything put where it belongs and get upset if it's not in the correct spot (You get this from your mama and nana).

-The "happy dance" you do before we give you a snack or treat.

-They way you pretend to chew and say "YUM"  if you see something yummy on t.v.

-The way you say "Whoa Cool" whenever you see a big truck in person.

-The way you cheer for yourself and say "YAY Hunter" whenever you do something good.

-The way you say your full name with such pride and emphasis on your last name.

-How nicely you play with other kids and how sweet you are around other little girls. Future heartbreaker for sure.


Shannon said...

I love them all, but that first bullet point is adorable!!

Taylor loves saying her full name, but unfortunately she cannot pronounce our last name correctly and it comes out as a very dirty word, so when she tells everyone (random people included) her name, they always look at me with wide eyes. Oops. :)

Kristen Lawlor said...

Awwww soooo sweet!!!!

Brittany said...

omygosh so adorable

Stephanie said...

Love this! These are all such special things to look back on down the road. :)

Fiona said...

Aww this is so sweet. I should remember to write these sort of things down with Lids too. So much to remember! Lids loves for Anthony, her and I to do group hugs too.. and we of course, love it as well :) Oops, I haven't even thought of teaching Lids her full name. No idea why I didn't think of that. We'll work on that today! ;)

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i love it when they pat your back when you hug them!! it's so cute! kayla sometimes rubs our heads too.

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Jamie said...

So sweet!

Ashley said...

Love this post!! Such a great way to document and saviour each of these moments!!

tiffany said...

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cait said...

oh my word- love this post so much! brought tears to my eyes! I may need to borrow this idea for a post sometime soon. the memories fade all too quickly!! :/

Venassa said...

Back pats are the sweetest! Chloe lays her head on my shoulder and does that to me, or she plays with me hair. It makes me melt. Toddlers are so amazing. It sounds like Hunter and Chloe have a lot of similarities.