Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The past week has been quite busy around here. We got a huge snowstorm last Thursday that dropped over a foot of snow and was the most snow we've seen in years. I'm not a fan of snow unless it's a huge storm like this where everything shuts down and you get a true snow day. 

Hunter loves the snow and had so much fun playing outside though he did get upset at times because it was so deep that he had some difficulty walking in it. He helped daddy build a snowman and got to play with his little neighbor friend Zachary. 

On Friday we stayed home again since the roads were still pretty tricky. I got to spend the day with my mini Valentine and luckily Kristian was able to get home from work early. We had a very low key evening, ate Chinese food, exchanged gifts and watched the Olympics while eating chocolate covered strawberries. 

On Saturday I took Hunter to his girlfriend Jordynn's birthday party. She lives a few houses away so we were able to just walk there and back. Hunter did great and didn't act shy despite being around a group of people he didn't know. He even gave the birthday girl a hug and kiss.

My mom came down on Sunday to spend the night so she could take and pick up Hunter from daycare on Monday while we were at the hospital. I went upstairs to put away laundry and came downstairs to find a Hunter/nana nap. He loves his nana. 

Yesterday was Kristians surgery. His parents met us at the hospital so I had some company while we waited. Fortunately everything went well and according to the doctor the surgery was a success. Kristian spent the night and was able to come home today. He is in a LOT of pain and on heavy pain meds. He can't drive or really go anywhere for at least 3 weeks. I'm so grateful that he made it through okay and now we just wait and pray that once he heals he won't be in pain anymore. 

Still with a smile prior to surgery.


Fiona said...

So glad to hear that Kristian's surgery went well and he is going okay. Hope the recovery isn't too bad and he is back to his old (or even better!) self soon!

Oh that snow looks like so much fun!!! I am jealous! I bet Lids would have a blast playing in the snow.

Kristen Lawlor said...

SOOOO glad to hear he's recovering. Such a scary thing. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Glad the surgery went well! I live in Texas, so all of this snow that people are taking photos of is crazy to me!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Wonderful news that the surgery went well!! I hope recovery is as speedy as can be.

And glad you all got to enjoy the snowstorm safely at home together. Your Valentine's Day sounds perfect!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

glad that things went well with the surgery! i hope he has a speedy recovery :)

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Shannon said...

Such great news about his surgery. I hope and pray the recovery goes well!

Heather said...

I am so glad the surgery went well! Wishing him a fast recovery!

Stephanie said...

Snow, snow, everywhere there's snow! I am ready for the spring weather to arrive, and the thunderstorms we had last night just reaffirmed that. :)

Wonderful news that his surgery went well! I hope he is able to manage the pain as best as possible and that his recovery time isn't too long.