Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Lots of happenings in our house this past weekend which include:

-Teeth! Hunter has sprouted teeth! Yes that's plural, TEETH, as in two, his bottom two to be specific. We noticed them Friday night. You can just barely see them but you can definitely feel them. This explains the ear infection which often goes hand in hand with getting a tooth and the craptastic sleep. Nursing is going to start getting real interesting...

-Kristian went to see the surgeon who operated on him 4 years ago and show him his MRI. Yeah his neck is all kinds of jacked up, fortunately he doesn't need surgery....yet. He went Friday afternoon to get an injection in his spine, similar to an epidural, to help relieve the pressure. He woke up Saturday feeling about 70% better. He's still in pain but at least he's able to function again and hopefully with meds and maybe some physical therapy he'll improve even more and not have to get surgery again down the road.

-We took Hunter to the pool on Saturday and let him hang out in the floatie my mom got him, he immediately wanted to lean forward in it and would instinctively kick his little legs. He's a natural and I suspect we'll be seeing him in the Summer Olympics 2032.

-We went over to my inlaws for dinner Saturday and walked in to see a table full of new toys for a certain spoiled little boy, I swear it looked like Christmas. I think his grandparents like him a little bit ;)

-Hunter actually slept through the night on Friday and Saturday but was back to shitastic sleep on Sunday night. Apparently he doesn't care that mommy and daddy have to work on Monday. He isn't hungry or wanting a diaper change, he just wants to be rocked and held. We've been doing a bit of sleep training and some minor "crying it out" primarily because I've been feeling so sick and miserable it's too hard to get up so often, BUT it does seem to be helping a bit, even if it breaks my hear to hear him cry.

-Yesterday while walking Moxie, some stupid little boy let his dog outside without a leash and it came charging at Moxie. I had to yank her up by her leash to keep her out of the other dogs reach  and then put myself between her and the other dog to get her into my arms. Seriously LEASH your dogs people, especially if they go nuts around other dogs. I was about go Kung Fu on that dog if he had hurt my fur-daughter. Unfortunately I don't remember which house the little boy lives in or I would go talk to his parents.


Heather said...

I'm glad Kristian is feeling somewhat better, and I definitely hope he continues to improve. That is also wild about Hunter sprouting two teeth at once!

Courtney B said...

Teeth and a natural swimmer?? What a BIG boy! Sounds like a good weekend :)

Stephanie said...

2 teeth at once? Holy moly! No wonder the little fella has been feeling bad. I hope everyone gets to feeling 100% soon!